Record Breaker: The King Herself fills out Lugogo Cricket Oval

Record Breaker: The King Herself fills out Lugogo Cricket Oval

Lugogo: The King Herself, Cinderella Sanyu, aka Cindy impressed fans and revelers on Saturday night at her maiden concert dubbed “The Boom Party Concert” that out-lived all expectations and raised the bar higher than ever for female Ugandan artists.

Revelers flocked Lugogo Cricket Oval by the dozen filling out the Stadium that seemed to be an intimidating venue of choice by public opion, but, Cindy proved that she made the perfect choice as fans, friends and family came in to support the artist.

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It was more than just a “Boom Party” for many of the Cindycates who were treated to nonstop entertainment from artists like Kent & Flosso, Maro, Karole Kasita, Rabadaba, Silver X who sent the crowd wild with excitement with every stage performance.

Once The King Herself took over stage revelers the crowd roared with excitement welcoming the star of the night who wasted no time entertaining her fans with “Ayokya Yokya” and “Tebimala”, “One and Only” giving her audience a real Cindy experience. She went through three different sessions on stage with beautifully designed wardrobe changes that lit up the stage even more.

“Tonight, we make history! This was my vision and I am humbled to have such great fans, family and team to support me, Thank you all!she shared.

Cindy’s fans could not contain their excitement as they watched their favourite artist own the stage and put up a performance that was without a doubt 100% authentic and real. Fans could be heard cheering her on, “Akikoze,” “She has set the record”, “We love you Cindy,” proving to fans that she dared to make her dream a reality.

This was the beginning of all things, an unprecedented concert to say the least. For Tusker Malt, partnering with Cindy was an easy decision to make, these are two top shelf brands and its safe to say that she brought 100% music and we kept it 100% Malt. She is going to be the talk of all town with all the major traffic and we couldn’t be any more proud,” said Herbert Ndugwa, Tusker Malt Brand Representative.

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