Ghetto President Bobi Wine Spits Fire At Bebe Cool

Looks like the war between Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool has just started again.


Bobi has told Bebe to back off his name or he uses words H.E before he includes his name in his cheap posts. Below is a post from Bobi Wine
Bobi Wine
“Banange katukirize nti Bobi Wine ye wakabi” those were the words of Mr. Kataala shortly after surrendering at KYADONDO two years ago, I was on stage for another one hour after he ran off and the sane thing was in Entebbe…

that’s why he went for his level, now mr. if u have to mention my name in yo cheap posts, remember to put H. E! Am in Europe cashing in and flying back on Tuesday to to prepare One love beach Busabala…# next bakuwe young Mulo.

hahahaha…. Going down and down….

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