Photos: Uganda Waragi Ladies Affair ushers in Women’s Day

Photos: Uganda Waragi Ladies Affair ushers in Women’s Day

It was an event of true form when DJ MaryJo hosted the fourth edition of the Ladies Affair at Design Hub in Industrial Area last Saturday.

The event was aptly timed on Womens Day Weekend and brings together a number of female DJs to perform for revellers, sponsoredby Ugandas premium spirit, Uganda Waragi.

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The MC of the evening, Sista Natty Gyal, kept the audience sufficiently hyped as the show kicked off with DJ Amor, who took the crowd through an old school set, including hits like Kagoma by Bobi Wine and Unbwogable by GidiGidi MajiMaji.

Next was Sal DJ, who started her set off with South African house music, getting the revellers on their feet before DJ Ruby took to the decks and started her set off with some mid-2000s RnB, with the crowd singing along to hits like Usher’s Trading Places.

The headline act was DJ MaryJo, who stepped on stage at midnightand played an all-female set that started with Christina Aguilera’s Can’t Hold Us Down.

The event is meant to highlight the talent of female DJs, especially in light of the fact that DJing is a mostly male-dominated industry.

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