Exclusive: How Entertainment Industry has thrived under 34 years of NRM Government

AS National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrates 34 years in power this weekend (26th January 2020 in Ibanda), we take a look at how Entertainment Industry has thrived under this regime which is under the leadership of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

In 1986, when NRA took over power there was entertainment but not at the level it is at today.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said have been able to perform and show off their talents because of prevailing peace and stability brought by his NRM government

With stability and peace created by NRM prevailing, the environment for improved entertainment industry was created and this didn’t take long for Ugandans to see change in the industry.

From singers to actors to entertainment venues, all these ones have developed tremendously under the NRM government with the prevailing freedom of speech and resources to use.

H.E M7 with singer Eddy Kenzo at State House Entebbe last year

While it was very difficult to host music concert those days because of security reasons, it is easy these days because the venues are very secure and very available.
The likes of lates; Elly Wamala, Philly Lutaaya, Paul Kafeero were very brilliant musician but the political atmosphere at the time they were shining wasn’t conducive to their work. The late Lutaaya had to shift to Sweden because of political instabilities in Uganda at that time.

H.E M7 attending concert marking 33 years of acting by Sam Bagenda aka Dr. Bbosa at Theatre La Bonita

While promoters in 80s and 90s used to bring musicians from outside Uganda especially Congolese, this has since ceased after the rising of Ugandan singers like Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru, Afrigo band become more popular under NRM. These and more led the overthrow and influx of foreign musicians in Uganda. They have become household names not only in Uganda but also East Africa and beyond.

While meeting singer Eddy Kenzo real name Idrissa Musuza in October last year at State House Entebbe, President Yoweri Museveni congratulated Eddy Kenzo, one of Uganda’s high sounding and outgoing personality in the music industry, for making very good achievements in the music and entertainment sector.
“I want to congratulate Kenzo for making very good contribution in music. He was a street boy and an orphan but he had a talent of singing,” said President Museveni.
President Museveni used the occasion of his meeting with musician Eddy Kenzo to appeal to the youths in Uganda to emulate the example of Mr. Kenzo to get out of poverty by exploiting their talents fully.
“I appeal to the youths to use his example to get out of poverty by using their talents. If you are not singing, you can do it by farming, innovations and painting, among others, he said.

He noted that the musicians have prospered because of performing good entertainments in Uganda adding that this is possible because of the prevailing peace provided by the NRM government. He observed that Uganda is an easy destination for investment in comparison to other destinations mainly because of the prevailing peace.
Not only musicians have developed but also other entertainers like comedians, actors, fashionista.

There was barely any comedian in Uganda before but look at how comedy has sprung up and led its own revolution in entertainment.

With the environment favouring one to what they want, there was birthday of comedy in Uganda which has seen several young Ugandans earn big from the industry and are now international recognized. The Amarula Family was one of the groups that led to comedy revolution. The comedy has since given birth to stars like Amooti, Alex Muhangi, Patrick Idringi Salvado, Prince Emma, Mendo Herbert Ssegujja who himself has a household name imitating His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Anne Kansiime who has gone to shine on the world stage as a comedienne, the Fun Factory group has a lot full of talent making it big on comedy.

The film industry has also been on the rise with many Ugandans joining and creating movies and films that have seen many theatres come up to show these films. Forget about Hollywood movies and Nigeria, Uganda we now also have Kina-Uganda and our theaters have been proudly showing such films. Look at The Ebonies and Bakayimbira Dramactors, Deception, Hostel and several others have come up to act Series that being show on our televisions and cinemas.

While attending a concert to mark 33 years of acting for Mr Sam Bagenda aka Dr. Bbosa in December last year at Theatre La Bonita, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni lauded the dramatists for taking advantage of the peace brought by his government to develop their talent.

“With peace ushered in by the NRM, people are bound to exhibit talents in all aspects; Preachers will preach, actors will act, artistes will compose and sing, farmers will flourish in fields, herders will tend, everyone will get chance to showcase their God-given talent,” M7 said.

You can’t talk about entertainment without mentioning Radios and Televisions, before NRM came to power there was only one Television and Radio (both UBC). At the moment they are close to 15 TV Stations and over 300 Radio stations. With these stations, entertainers have had the chances to showcase their talents and this has led the industry to develop at a faster rate.

During this regime, we have had many earn big being Master of ceremonies and Deejays at different entertainment centres and social events. This wasn’t the case before.

Fashion industry which is also under entertainment has come up and we have had a number of Ugandan become creative in field. We have seen people like Anita Beryl, Stellah Atal, Sylvia Owori, Fatumah Asha, Judith Heard, Ahumuza Brian aka Abryanz, Jenny Linda do wonders in style and fashion. They have created different labels which have won them accolades not only in Uganda but also abroad. Televisoion fashion shows have also been allowed to air and this improved on how stars can style themselves especially when hitting stages.

Music promoters like Balaam Barugahara and others have not struggled to get gigs because they have musicians to use.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of recent while attending concerts of Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira and Sam Bagenda aka Dr. Bbosa pledged support to entertainers so as boost their careers.
The NRM has recently created a platform to help entertainers and these days, the president meets different groups of entertainers to see who to support them in their field. This surely shows that Entertainment industry is headed for even better working environment.
Congratulations to NRM upon this milestone


Men must ejaculate 21 times monthly to avoid prostate cancer – Medical Expert

Adapted from The Nation

Men have been advised to ejaculate for not less than 21 times in every month and five times each week if they want to avoid prostate cancer. A twitter video circulating online shows the female herbal practitioner, Dr. Ebenezar of Amuzu Hospital emphasizing the need for men to have sex frequently to safeguard themselves against dreadful cancer.

While explaining the need for men to pay attention to regular sexual habit, she backed her advice with research conducted by researchers at Harvard University which was published in a journal called the European Urology.

According to the research, men who engage in frequent sexual activity stand the chance of evading prostate cancer, and the vice versa.

The researchers observed the sexual habits of 32,000 men and came to the determination that those with a higher rate of ejaculation were less likely to have prostate tumors.

“We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer. This large prospective study provides the strongest evidence to date of a beneficial role of ejaculation in the prevention of prostate cancer,” the researchers said.

Breaking down the findings of the research, they advised: “21ejaculations or more per month can protect you (males) from prostate cancer.”

Dr. James Balch, a member of the American Medical Association and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons believes that men must eat good foods to stimulate frequent sexual desire and activity in order to stay away from prostate cancer.

“If a man wants to stay out of the operating room and avoid cancer of the prostate, he needs to go full blast to avoid the high-fat junk foods and environmental toxins that contribute to prostate problems and to start a wise nutritional program that includes the basic supplements that affect the prostate,” he is quoted as saying.

To avoid sudden death of your man friend, boyfriend, husbands, women, ask your men for more sex.

Why you should book yourself at the new Eric Wilkins Apartments

Eric Wilkins apartments are a new home away from home and are now open to anyone who is interested. 
The apartments are located in different parts in and around Kampala. Eric Wilkins apartments first have been made affordable considering it will be a place everyone would love to spend, a day, week, month or even make home. They have been confirmed for tranquility and conducive ambiance around the city.

The 2 bedroom lavish apartments are fully furnished and are available for short and long stay. The website has learnt the apartments have availed packages for clients who can stay a day, week, month and even a year. They are located in Nyanama-Bunamwaya, Najjera and Entebbe.
Eric Wilkins apartments have 2 bedrooms, a modern fully equipped kitchen, Luxurious furniture, Spacious living and dining space, Gazebo with outdoor comfy furniture and family lounging shelter, Ample parking space, 24 CCTV surveillance and guaranteed security, Solar powered lights, Well equipped laundry area.
The new apartments are suitable for Couple getaways, Honeymooners, Retreat away from home, Business travelers, Expatriates and much more.
To book, go to www.ericwilkinsapartments.com or ericwilkinsapartments.co.uk or Contact Dauda Ashiraf on +256 785 61 52 65 / +256 702 61 52 65

We Run This Town!!! Ladies gracing Kampala social scene unveiled

Kampala is full of beautiful ladies from all corners of the country and even beyond. These have lit the social scene with their beauty, fame and money. Today we unveil for you the ladies running Kampala social scene replacing the almost retiring Judith Heard, Zari Hassan, Tracy Bora, Karitas Karisimbi and the likes. This list is not in a particular order. Read on…
Mwajuma Ahmed aka Mwaj Ahmed 
This year has been hers especially on social scene and fashionwise.
She was recently voted best Female Fashionista of the year in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs).
The stunning beauty is a force to reckon with when it comes to fashion.
The likes of Judith Heard no longer have a place with the coming of Mwaj Ahmed.

Tinah Teise 
The Login Xtra presenter who calls herself Kabale Juice is another hot one lighting up Kampala.
Ever present on social events, Tinah is truly lighting up both our screens and social events.
Juliet Zawedde
She might be based in the US but this Ugandan born entrepreneur and philanthropist has been made a name in Kampala this year. She has been involved in a number of charity actives sponsoring so many needy people including family of late Ronald Sebulime.
On the social scene, she has been mentioned as the new bosslady. We are very sure that in these coming years, she will be a force to reckon with. Zawedde has come at the right time and she has money, beauty, brain and fame.
Debie Kagisha
This Fashionista a few years ago revealed that she was in for a limelight and wants to replace veteran Judith Heard.
Debie Kagisha who owns Debie Divas Fashion House in Kabalagala has caused a few fashion excitement on the social scene.
She is always seen gracing social events with her sizzling fashion sense and her nomination in Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards 2019 as best Female Fashionista of the year (Uganda) did not come by a surprise.
Mimi De Boss Chic
This year has also seen the emergence of Boston based Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur Mimi De Boss Chic.
The big spender has made her name with luxurious cruise parties and fitting her home with state of the art stuffs.
She loves spending and she has attended a number of parties hosted by Ugandans based in the US. Mimi is also planning on launching her charity arm and wants to have a name on Kampala social scene cemented. Watch the space!!

Sheilah Parker

She tries to keep a low profile but slowly getting into limelight.

Glamorous Sheilah Park can’t miss on our list of Kampala’s top socialites.
Her social media pages tell it all.
Alicia Bosschic
Having started off hosting the Kinky Tuesday at the defunct Liquid Silk Bugolobi, Alicia Bosschic has went on to become a darling of theme night hosting in Kampala.
The social scene is well aware of her kinky ways of doing things.
Alicia is making Kampala men salivate at her gigs.
Lady Shee aka Trevor Alice
We couldn’t miss out on Lady Shee because of her crazy ways of doing things. Lady Shee wants to emulate her friend Nana Weber who used to host ‘Girls In The City’ at Atmosphere Lounge before she left for US.
The two would spice up the night perfectly especially with their crazy dance moves. She now hosts ‘Boss Lady’ night at Hideout Lounge Lugogo.
Sheilah Gashumba
The Little Stunner as she calls herself doesn’t need an introduction.
She is a fashionista who also doubles as a socialite and television personality although ever since she started dating Godz Plan, her television career has declined but she is no doubt a star on the social scene.
Mona Lisah
Curvy Mona Lisah is making her name on the social scene by being a host to a number of theme nights in Kampala’s bars.
Her latest being at Exo Lounge on Fridays (Exotic Black Fridays) and Afro Club Kyaliwajjala (Liquor Tuesday) on Tuesdays.
Brenda Seruw
She rose to fame when she contested in Miss Curvy Uganda first edition.
Brenda has since turned into a socialite gracing most theme nights in Kampala and she is a regular face at Starbucks Lounge, Bunga.
Her crazy social media posts and tempting pictures are making men in Kampala salivate after her.
Sheilat Mukungi aka Quin Ov Hearts
Those who party from Starbucks Bunga know what we are talking about. Sheilat Mulungi who calls herself Quin Ov Hearts on social media is a force that redefined social scene in Kampala.
She is rocking the social scene and this year, she has been ahead of many. She hosts ‘Tipsy Tuesdays’ at Starbucks.
Jackie Rwivanga Porsche
Oh how do we describe this, beauty, money, fame and she doesn’t age.
Jackie is an inspirational to many because of her hard working ways but she has also been a name on social scene. She is the lady who books booths in Guvnor and other posh hangout around town.
She hasn’t missed out on traveling to luxurious resorts across the world including Seychelles, Huwaii, Maldives and many others.  “Life is for living.  As long as you do it right , it should be lived to the fullest,” Jackie said.
Efrance Nakitto
This commercial model is reserved but annoyingly hot and tempting.
Being an aspiring commercial model icon, Efrance has appeared on billboards of many products in town and she has truly been an great one. She at times graces social scene to check out how life is there..
Sharon Julie and Bash
These two host Girls In The City at Atmosphere Lounge Kololo.
And their rise to fame has been a blessing to many especially men. They are head turners in town at the moment.
Natasha Sinayobye
Actress, influencer, model and fashionista is one beauty who has always graced the social scene.

She hasn’t disappointed when called upon and we are sure Kampala men are yearning to be friends with this sexy star. She is inspiring many, keep up good job our dear Natasha.
Anitah Fabiola
Since her days as a contestant in Miss Uganda, she has never looked back.
She is climbing the ladder day by day and her exploits on the social scene are all over in the media. She has become an influencer!!
Joan Kimora
She has tried to maintain her fame alive on the social scene from days of Club Rouge.
Backed by her boyfriend, Din McCall, Joan is now the PRO of the new Samitto Bar & Lounge in Naalya.
Sandrah Teta
This Nyaru babe has been a regular and head turner on social scene.
She is one lady who has been hosting some theme nights in Kampala including Boss Lady at Hideout Lounge before her latest being at Luxe Lounge (Empresstee Wednesdays).
Argatha Loswash 
You can not talk about social scene without mentioning NBS Television’s Pundonor Magazine presenter Argatha Loswash. She has been a regular lady spicing up social scene.
Yes her program is essentially entertainment but she adds in some spices to mix and mingle at most social events.

How Naome Kibaju has excelled in just one year as MP for Sheema North

While some Members of Parliament spend almost their entire terms of office without doing anything to their people, others are excelling in just one year.
Naome Kibaju, the MP for Sheema North in Sheema District has done what few can do and defied all odds by performing wonders in the constituency and beyond.
Hon. Kibaju joined parliament one year a go and she has demonstrated how hard working she is.
While many thought replacing Hon. Elioda Tumwesigye wasn’t easy, Naome Kibaju made it look that easy.
Her change came when Elioda left the seat to contest for Sheema Municipality and it has been easy for her since then.
 In one year, these are some of the achievements of Hon. Naome Kibaju who is likely to contest again in 2021;
She has put Kigarama Ambulance back on the road, it had been packed for years.
She has this year contributed iron sheets for roofing Rweibare Primary School dormitory which was burnt down by electricity, Provided 100 bags  of cement to Masheruka Modern school, provided various primary schools with 30 bags of cement, repaired Kigarama and Masheruka football fields.

She went on to contribute UGX 3 million  for Health Centre III at Mabare, funded projects at different churches in the area, gave UGX 3 million for Masheruka archdeaconary.
Hon. Kibaju also contributed UGX 5 million to Ankore Western University (AWU) and not forgetting lobbying for water, roads and electricity for Sheema North.
She also gave 100 bags of cement to CAD and has sponsored a number of students in schools. Naome has done all this in one year and truly she won’t find any challenges in seeking for another term in 2021. Watch the space! !!!!!

Exclusive: Here is the list of most performing MPs of 2019

Kampala: The 10th Parliament term of office is close to an end with less than a year to conclude their activities. Those who want to seek for re-election must convince their constituents. Will 12 days to the end of the year, here is the list of our most performing MPs of 2019. They are in no particular order;
Frank Tumwebaze
He is no doubt a performer. The Kibale County East MP began his political career at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and climbed the ladder until he became an MP. He has been the Minister of ICT and National Guidance until recently when he was appointed Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development.
Frank Tumwebaze has not forgotten his constituents. He regularly visits his constituency to find out which issues are affecting them. Piped water, health, Electricity and education are some of the projects the MP has worked on recently and are present in Kibale, Kamwenge district. His Baraza constituency program is the kingpin of his leadership. He truly won’t find any difficulties in seeking another term of office.
Muyanja Mbabaali 
He is a darling of Bukoto South constituency in Lwengo district. The people of Bukoto South found difficulties in replacing Gerald Sendawula until Hon. Muyanja Mbabaali came calling. He has made sure there is presence of water, electricity, health Centres, saving schemes in his constituency. In fact, the women’s SACCOs in Bukoto South has seen women development individual income earning status.
There is close to UGX 10bn in savings among women’s groups which was Mbabaali’s idea. He regularly visits his constituents to check out how different develop programs are fairing. He has turned Bukoto South from a hunger striken area into a food basket. He has done this through supporting agriculture in the area. Whenever there is a problem, he responds quickly. We don’t known why he is missing on the cabinet list because he is a real NRM cadre and one of the most hard working politicians. He too we predict, won’t find any difficulties in seeking for another term.
Naome Kibaju 
Replacing Hon. Elioda Tumwesigye might have seemed not easy but for Naome Kibaju it has been easy.  This is why?
She has put Kigarama Ambulance back on the road, it had been packed for years.
With less than one year in Parliament, Naome has this year contributed iron sheets for roofing Rweibare Primary School dormitory which was burnt down by electricity, Provided 100 bags  of cement to Masheruka Modern school, provided various primary schools with 30 bags of cement, Repaired Kigarama and Masheruka football fields.
She went on to contribute UGX 3 million  for Health Centre III at Mabare, funded projects at different churches in the area, have UGX 3 million for Masheruka archdeaconary.
Hon. Kibaju went on contribute UGX 5 million to Ankore Western University (AWU) and not forgetting lobbying for water, roads and electricity for Sheema North.
She also gave 100 bags of cement to CAD and has sponsored a number of students in schools. Naome has done all this in one year and truly she won’t find any challenges in seeking for another term in 2021.
Jacklet Atuhaire Rwabukurukuru
The Sheema district woman MP is another silent hard worker. This year she introduced Constituency baraza where she visited all the sub counties in the district to find out different issues and how to tackle them.
She also been a regular supporter of development programs in the district which have helped a number of farmers in the area. Her soya bean project contributed a lot to many in the district. Jacklet has also been totally active when called upon for any developmental activity in the area.
Peter Ogwang
The Usuk County in Katakwi district legislator is another one who has been there for his people. The people of Usuk must be proud of him.
He has been actively involved this year and he has set up a number of projects in the area. His hard work has seen him elivated to cabinet with a State Minister of ICT and National Guidance post.
Elioda Tumwesigye
He is the only man who has represented two constituencies in one term. And he has truly performed well in both. The Sheema Municipality MP has been instrumental both at constituency and national levels.

He regularly visits and supports his people in different projects. Elioda who also doubles as the Minster of Science, Technology and Innovation has been instrumental in that ministry building it from scratches and turning it into an international recognized ministry.
His wide global network is working miracles for both his constituency and the nation.
Evelyn Anite 
The Koboko Municipality MP is no doubt a performer. She has delivered on her promises and the people of Koboko don’t regret electing her.
Because of her hard work, Koboko will have an industrial park very soon. No wonder she is a Minister of State for Finance in charge of Investments.
Rosemary Seninde 
The Wakiso District woman MP who also doubles as the Minster of State for education is another MP who hasn’t disappointed. She gets on the ground often and delivers on her duties.
Her retaining the seat won’t be a hustle. She has also been instrumental in skilling women in her area.
Francis Mwijukye 
The Buhweju County MP has been seen more with his constituents this year than before. He has reached out at all his people in times of need and provided help when needed.
Despite being in opposition, Mwijukye has defied all odds and delivered to his people.
Thomas Tayebwa
Ruhinda North County in Mitooma district MP is a very active MP in his constituency. Before he was elected MP, the area was very backward with no electricity, water, poor education and network.
Under his leadership, most of these things are present in his constituency.
With his wide network of friends, Thomas has managed to harvest for his people this year especially in areas of education, health and other social services.
Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda
The outspoken Kira Municipality MP is one of a kind.
The former journalist turned politician has been a force to reckon with when it comes to parliamentary activities. He is outstanding and continues to deliver to his people.
Medard Segona
The Busiro County East MP is probably one of the most hard working MPs in 10th parliament.
A lawyer by profession, Medard is a true leader who has always delivered both in Parliament and on the ground back in Busiro. He is a hard man to stand against because of his performance.
Robinah Nabbanja 
The Kakumiro district woman MP, Robinah Nabbanja is a no nonsense lady who is always spot when it comes to work.
She has not let down her people and has always delivered where necessary. Her hardworking has been repayed with a ministerial post in the latest cabinet reshuffle.
Ephraim Kamuntu 
Sheema South constituency MP has made sure his constituents this year get out of darkness. It has worked for him and most parts of Sheema South are now on National grid.
He has also been instrumental in promoting development in his constituency. Hon. Kamuntu also regularly visits his constituency to check and make sure different government programs are running smoothly.
Jovrine Kaliisa Kyomukama
The Ibanda district Woman MP has also been a very active leader for his people this year. She has been supporting a number of projects and inspecting progress of different government programs. She has provided for her people and her readiness for 2021 is in no doubt.

Gabriel Gadison Aridru Ajedra
The Vurra County MP keeps low profile and has done his things silently. Hon. Ajedra doubles as the Minister of State for Finance in charge of General duties has been MP for Vurra since 2016 and hopes to retain the seat in the coming elections.

He is a performer and has seen a number of projects come up under his belt in Vurra in Arua district.

David Bahati
The Ndorwa County West MP in Kabale district has also earned himself a seat on this list. He doubles as the Minister of State for Finance in charge of planning.

The people of Ndorwa have benefited from his expertise and him being in the ruling party government. He has been instrumental in engineering projects in his constituency and he has truly delivered for them. Watch him again in 2021.

Nabakooba Nalule Judith
The Mityana District Woman MP and Uganda Police PRO is one whose work speaks volume. It is with no doubt that she has been appointed the Minister of ICT and National Guidance.

The calm legislator has been a blessing to people of Mityana. She is empowering them economically by supporting a number of projects in the district especially for the women.

Below is Hon. Naome Kibaju (Sheema North) inspecting some of the infrastructure works in his constituency.

Jidenna falls in love with the Pearl of Africa as he enjoys her amazing tourist attraction features

American music star Jidenna Theodore Mobisson better known as “Jidenna” spent more than one week in Uganda where he performed at the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards (ASFAs) and Blankets & Wine.  During his stay in Uganda, he got to chance to have a mini vacation in Murchison Falls National Park courtesy of Uganda Tourism Board and Talent Africa.
Jidenna spent three days in Murchison Falls National Park which sits on the shores of Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. This is where the River Nile explodes through a narrow 7m metre gorge and cascades down to become a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos and crocodiles, waterbucks and buffaloes.
The vegetation is characterised by savannah, riverine forest and woodland. Wildlife includes lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hartebeests, oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees and hundreds of bird species.
Jidenna participated in numerous tourist activities including a game drive, bike safari, boat ride and a hike to the top of Murchison Falls. He was accommodated at the newly renovated Nile Safari Lodge. The stunning development is situated on the southern banks of River Nile surrounded by a papyrus forest. Nile Safari Lodge offers beautiful wooden chalets which are all uniquely located with amazing panoramic views of the national park along with the African wilderness.
Jidenna states “The trip to Murchison Falls was magnificent and euphoric. I was in awe and struck by the power, force and finesse of the waterfall.  What I love about here was being surrounded by nature, water and greenery. I learned a lot about animals on this trip and realised they are just like people in many ways. Uganda will definitely be a country I visit again really soon.
Aly Allibhai from Talent Africa states “It was a pleasure hosting Jidenna in the Pearl of Africa this last week, we got chance to show him Murchison Falls National Park and a different side Uganda that people in the western world are not aware of. Uganda is an amazing tourist destination and its celebrities like Jidenna who can help market our country to the rest of the world.

The Heart of a Warrior exhibition excites art lovers at Protea Hotel

Ritah Wise, the warrior artist who paints despite being blind exhibits her paintings’

Ritah Wise Kavumba (Ritah Namayanja) a former student of Makerere University is blind but this has not stopped her from doing wonders in painting.

As they say disability is not inability, Ritah got bling 11 years ago and despite that, she has managed to become one of the best painters in the country.

On Saturday, she exhibited her amazing work to art lovers at Protea by Marriott Hotel Kololo.

She also narrated how she lost her sight, the challenges she encountered and how she managed to pursue her painting career despite being blind.

She said she knows no company in Uganda would employ a bling person so she had to find a way of making ends meat.

Gorilla Heights Lodge opens its doors to business & it is a sister lodge to Park view Lodge

A new posh safari lodge has opened its doors to the public for use in South Western Uganda.

This was revealed by tourism number one promoter Amos Wekesa who had this to say;

“It’s a new Lodge in the southern part of Bwindi national Park owned by a Ugandan which is important.

It’s good to see Ugandans taking investments seriously and creating jobs….over 40 jobs at Gorilla heights Lodge

I can’t wait to see Ugandans start a chain that goes across Africa like some Mauritius people have done.

It all starts at home, you succeed at home, it’s easier to move on to other countries. Latitude 0 for example has a Kenyan investor

Yesterday I read a report about how chains are positioning themselves across the continent sent to me by Daniel Bwabale

In 2019, international chains are investing in 125 hotels in North Africa and 275 hotels in Sub Saharan Africa

They chains are investing 51 hotels in Egypt, 36 hotels in Morocco, 49 hotels in Nigeria, 19 in Algeria, 34 hotels in Ethiopia.

In Kenya 27 hotels, Cape Verde 11 hotels, Tunisia 16, Ghana 9 and South Africa 18 and those are the top 10 investment destinations for the chains on the continent

The top 10 international chains investing on the continent are:

Accor is working on 57 hotels with 13, 543 rooms, Raddisson 47 hotels with 8,774 rooms, Hilton 55 with 11, 209 rooms, Marriott 81 hotels with 16, 905, Media 8 with 2, 317, best western 18 with 1,613 rooms,

Onomo 8 hotels with 1,103 rooms, Hyatt 8 hotels with 1507, Wyndham 8 with 1,324 rooms and Mangalis 15 with 1,781

How are these countries managing to attract alot of chains? Their tourism boards are lobbying plus taking marketing seriously.

Just imagine Latitude 0 with 49 rooms is right now employing 179 Ugandans since it opened in Kampala,”.


Photos: Rema, Hamza make it official

Today all glamour and pomp was in Nabbingo as the Rema Namakula popularly known as Rema officially introduced her man Dr. Hamza Sebunya at her parents’ home.

The luxurious introduction ceremony was attended by a host of celebrities and creme de la creme of Kampala business community.

Today’s introduction confirms that Rema has completely moved on from fellow singer Eddy Kenzo.

“I love you so much. I will love you forever. I don’t love you because of your looks but who you are,” Dr. Hamza told Rema.

To guests: “She is my best friend and personal person. Whether people love you or not, I give you this guitar so you can sing for them”.

In a emotional post, ex lover Eddy Kenzo congratulated the couple and wished them all the best. Enjoy the photos from the ceremony!!