Sheema South kisses darkness goodbye as $9m electricity project is launched by Energy Minister and Kamuntu

Sheema South kisses darkness goodbye as $9m electricity project is launched by Energy Minister and Kamuntu

Residents of Kasaana Sub County in Sheema County South, Sheema district were in jubilation today Saturday as their area MP Prof Ephrahim Kamuntu delivered one of his campaign promises. The MP who also doubles as the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in the Cabinet of Uganda today launched electricity project in Kasaana Sub County.


The ground breaking Ceremony was presided over by Simon Giw D’Ujanga, the current State Minister for Energy. “I can see fulfillment and implementation of Manifesto at Kasaana S/c at inauguration of Electricity in the area. The electricity is likely to boost business activities in the area for many to earn a living,” a local resident said.

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The great section of Abamwe group (Sheema people) that moved up and down all offices of REA to ensure this Electricity Project is delivered to Kasaana thus the launch were also in attendance. The Minister said the project will cost $9m and is expected to be completed in 15 months.


“Thanks for your presence to witness the kicking off of darkness in our community. This is a great achievement for our community”.


“Thank you Prof Kamuntu Ephraim for ensuring that Rural Electrification Agency (REA) does her work in Sheema South. In Ngoma, Rwengando, Mbaagwa, Kiziba, and some parts of Rwabutura we are already observing great progress in terms of development after recently being connected to the national grid. Thank you Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye. I am sure plans are underway to get the remaining areas like Butagasi and the whole of Kihunda ward/Sub County connected too. Kihunda in particular needs special attention. There is a health centre 111; and a multitude of schools including Kihunda Parents secondary school with a population of over 800 students,” Mesharch said.


“It’s my pleasure to say thank you so much for the support, hard working and prayers. Your prayers, and support keep us strong, and every minutes reminds us we must work. During the last highly involving electioneering period, we pledged that WE SHALL do all it takes to MATCH OUR words, and here we are.


We shall continue to need your encouragement, support and participation in more of our developmental programs we are going to have. God bless you all, God bless Sheema, God bless Uganda; for God and my Country,” Kamuntu Ephraim.




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