NWSC rolls out Performance Management System, to connect 1.2 million customers by 2023

NWSC rolls out Performance Management System, to connect 1.2 million customers by 2023

NWSC has rolled out a new performance management system that focusses on individual performance and accountability.

Against the background of a successful launch and implementation of its Corporate plan 2021- 2024 anchored on the country’s strategic plans; NDPIII, Government Manifesto, Vision 2040 and will focus on a number of Strategic Priority Areas namely; Industrialisation, Infrastructure Development, Skilling and Work Force Development, Private Sector Involvement and Organisational Health Sustainability, the Board and Management and staff of NWSC has rolled out a staff performance management system.

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By June 2023, the Corporation will hit the 1.2million total connections target, and serving over 18million Ugandans, with plans to serve over 25million customers by 2026.

A highly motivated workforce staff is pivotal towards the achievement of the Corporation’s water and sanitation for all goal.

According to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Managing Director, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, the Corporation has rolled out a performance monitoring and evaluation system, designed to bolster performance in line with the utility’s Corporate plan.

Previously, NWSC focused on all other elements of the Corporate plan, and is now putting key emphasis on the people who are paramount, in the achievement of the strategic priorities therein.

“We are counting on our staff to help us achieve our water and sanitation agenda. Previously, we have been specializing in group work, giving incentives to staff as teams. By doing so, many have been free riding,” he said.

Dr. Mugisha shared that the Corporation is going a step further to quantify the effort of each individual towards the Corporation’s goals and objectives.

Dr. Mugisha added that the top utility is rolling out an individual performance system, that focuses on individuals, targets will be assessed quarterly.

“We are now meeting supervisors and staff to understand this new system. The results will also help us classify staff performance into A, B, C and D, with key performers ranked at A+. The same system will also help us encourage the low performing staff to step up, aid the contract renewal process, among others, recognize and reward the top percentile, identify key performers, among others.” he shared.

Dr. Mugisha explained that staff ranked A and B will be identified for promotion whilst C and D will receive feedback to improve and caution.

Dr. Mugisha expounded system create fairness in promotions, rewards and incentives, and further inculcate a culture of hardwork for better service delivery to the people of Uganda.

“Free riding by anybody in any organization is a form of corruption. The system will further aid a value for money and a fair system for promoting and rewarding staff. Lack of a fair system can create speculation and unfairness.” said

Dr. Mugisha cried foul of the group system, which according to the Board and Management creates a sense of entitlement and the rhetoric that long years of service automatically equate to high pay. This he says, must be quantified.

These and more tools in the pipeline are part of the Corporation’s plans to improve performance and subsequently achieve vision 2040.

Dr. Mugisha urged customers to boost the Corporation’s plans by paying bills on time, which according to him helps the utility abstract water, pay for chemicals, power, repair materials among other water production inputs.

Plans for the Future
Dr. Mugisha shared plans to evacuate more water from the new Katosi Water treatment plant and stabilize water supply in the Kampala Metropolitan Service Area, build service infrastructure, extend its pipe network, build new water treatment plants in Lyantonde, Kalungu, Bushenyi, Tororo, Soroti, Moroto, Arua, Kasese, Parombo, Adjumani, Kyankwanzi, a new plant at Kaazi to supply the Entebbe- Mpigi- Wakiso service area, extend sewers and piped water networks to the newly created cities and municipalities, strong emphasis on customer service, among others.

He apologized to customers inconvenienced by the ongoing e-billing pilot project.
“We are working to better our service offering in the new digital era. We are addressing all your feedback, whilst innovating solutions to the issues that you share. Customers can now access their bills through sms, emails, or physical bills at our branch office.

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