Comedian Prince Emma Denies Beating The Mom Of His Kid

Below is the statement from the Laftaz comedian after he was accused of beating his ex girlfriend and the mother of his daughter. 

Prince Emmah's baby mama
Prince Emmah’s baby mama

Prince Emma
I have just seen the story and its pathetic. There was nothing like domestic violence.

It was just the usual arguments that even relatives can have! Wonder who is bring paid to write crappy against me. Me and Eve separated long ago.

However a time came when I missed my daughter I invited Eve home so as I see the gal. We definitely slept in different rooms. However that was the time I fell sick.


 So she stuck around and helped me as the father of her child. She got job promises and waited for them to materialize. In that time there was an argument recently …which she shared to her sister.

The sister exaggerated everything ..even Eve tried to stop the exaggerated story. The family got in, involved police and a simple thing became something else.

Problem came when they wanted to take my daughter by force. Which we resolved later but i have never beaten her


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