dfcu Bank among Uganda Top 100 Survey Sponsors for a 3rd year running


dfcu Bank has today announced its continued sponsorship and support of the Uganda Top 100 mid-sized companies’ survey 2019 initiative that has been running for the last 3 years. The Top 100 survey is an initiative of KPMG and the Daily Monitor in partnership with other stakeholders dfcu Bank included.

The purpose of the Top 100 Survey is to identify Uganda’s fastest-growing medium-sized companies in order to showcase business excellence and highlight some of the country’s most successful entrepreneurship stories.

Speaking during the press conference at Sheraton Hotel Rwenzori Ball Room, dfcu Bank’s CEO Mathias Katamba said; “As dfcu Bank we are pleased to be part of the SME Top 100 initiative again, for the third year running.  This initiative resonates with us because it brings to the forefront the outstanding achievements of some of Uganda’s most successful and dynamic companies and the people who have been instrumental in driving their growth”  

This year’s SME Top 100 comes on the back of a positive trend in terms of Uganda’s economic growth; which is projected to grow by over 6%. The 2019 theme – “shaping the future business landscape” emphasises the significant contribution of SMEs in driving this growth. There is need to press on and build on existing efforts to transform and to prepare for the future economy. This is against the backdrop of two key shifts in this coming decade: first, a rising technological disruption including digital technology; and two, an increasingly young population in Uganda (77% of the population is below the age of 30). These shifts will have a profound impact on the business environment.

He went ahead to reaffirm why this initiative is important and how dfcu Bank is in a good position to help SMEs.

“This program provides a platform for knowledge & skills-sharing as well as deliberation on innovative financial solutions. We have a diverse product portfolio that businesses can take advantage of for access to credit facilities without necessarily providing collateral (which is a challenge for many businesses). These include Short Term Loans, Overdrafts and Guarantees etc. The Bank also structures customers financing requirements around expected cash-flows, supported with written undertakings”.

Participating in this annual competition is critical to business process improvement that ultimately helps entities gain access to new sources of financing, enhance their business management skills and acquire new partners they need to move to the next level.

How to Participate

To take part in the survey a company needs to complete two questionnaires – a general questionnaire and a financial questionnaire. The questionnaires are available at Monitor Publications Limited and KPMG offices. You can also call 0392-080708 and the questionnaires will be delivered to your offices.

Participation is voluntary. Any company can participate (with the exception of banks, insurance companies, or accounting /financial consulting firms) as long as it meets the following criteria:-

Has a turnover range: Ushs360m to Ushs 25 billion
Has audited financial statements for three years
Is not listed on any stock exchange

Start date for data collection

The 2019 survey begins on 24th July 2019. It will aim at having countrywide participation by both Kampala based companies and those operating from upcountry.

Key Distinguishing Factors of the Uganda Top 100 Survey

This Survey differs from other Surveys because:

It focuses on objectivity: the ranking focuses on quantitative criteria.
It is exclusively for medium-sized enterprises

Objectives of the survey

1 To create industry databases and
Enable medium-sized (‘mid-sized’) companies to benchmark themselves against their peers
Highlight to policymakers the mid-sized companies’ contribution to economic growth.
2 To support mid-sized companies in their growth by linking them with key service providers. Some of these service providers will form relationships with the companies by sponsoring the survey and/or special forums for the Top 100 companies
3 To address the challenges faced by SMEs in the evolving economic environment.
4 To facilitate networking amongst the Top 100 companies.
5 To create platforms for the Top 100 companies to engage individually and collectively in activities, particularly those related to promoting entrepreneurship in the country.

What data will be published?

Only ratios (as well as key trends shown by the Top 100 companies) will be published in the survey findings. This ensures that confidentiality will be maintained.

The survey depends greatly on the integrity of the participants; however, in the event that a company makes it to the list of the Top 100, then KPMG and Daily Monitor reserves the right to verify the integrity of the ratios submitted, by requiring attestation by the companies’ auditors.  

Conference and Exhibition

The survey will culminate into a conference for the Top 100 companies and a Gala Award Dinner to be held on 28th and 29th November 2019 respectively. The conference will provide networking, marketing and educational opportunities as well as an opportunity to listen to other successful entrepreneurs.

Awards will be given to each company that makes it to the list of the Top 100 companies. There will also be additional awards for special categories including Leading Woman entrepreneur, Innovative company, Revenue Growth Champion, Shareholder value Champion, Best rural based company and Working Capital Management Champion.


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