Save Carol campaign raises Shs 324m

The campaign to save Carol Atuhirwe from cancer has fetched staggering Shs324,603,399 surpassing the needed Shs 270,000,000 by Shs54m. The campaign dubbed SAVE CAROL has been running for only two months. The total amount collected was revealed today at All Saints Church Nakasero during Carol Atuhirwe’s thanksgiving service.

Carol who is battling throat and lung cancers is slated to travel to Ohio, US for an operation. Travel arrangements are being finalized to enable her go early for treatment. Carol wrote a thank you to Ugandans and all who helped her out.

Carol Atuhirwe (L) at All Saints Church Nakasero today
Carol Atuhirwe (L) at All Saints Church Nakasero today

“Thank YOU UGANDA, The Save Carol campaign has so far raised Shs324,603,399. This is Shs54 million above our estimated need of Shs270 million. We are now in final consultations with doctors on the final treatment and travel details as well as final costs. All remaining funds, Atuhirwe Carol has advised be given to UGANDA Cancer Institute,” Muhereza Kyamutetera.

Atuhirwe Carol’s thank you note to Ugandans:

I greet you all in the name of the Almighty God.

I know each one of us has his or her own religion. Nevertheless this has not stopped us from coming together to join me in this cry for restoration of my life, but what unites us is that we all believe in one God.

You have all loved me as I am and showed me much love, everyone contributed what they could and am very thankful. GOD blessed us differently But that didn’t stop your beautiful hearts from supporting me, praying for me, fasting for me. Everyone contributed in his or her own way.

When I think of all those that have contributed without knowing me from Uganda and the diaspora. I cry not because am sick but because of all your goodness to me.

You have been a blessing to me and I will forever be thankful. If we can maintain this unity I believe God will bless this world even more. My dear friends we can do good deeds God in heaven being our guide.

I want to end by thanking my friends who I will not mention by name but those who started this campaign. I want to thank all those who made the campaign known. Through media and social media I love you I love you so much. Please thank you. Because it’s you that I have gained hope. With these few words I want ask you to continue praying for me. I look forward to saying hello laughing with you and eating with you. Father GOD bless me and hear my cry.

Dear Lord i pray a blessing upon your people, fill their lives with happiness. For all they have given, all they have done, Natural warmth like gentle sun, Many generous, selfless deeds, Lord give to them and meet them at their point of need Cover them with Your holy love; Write their names in heaven above.

I really appreciate them, they are helpful, giving ways, And they have generous hearts bless them for their unselfishness displays. I thank them for their kindness, I will not soon forget them; they are the the nicest people I have ever met.

Thank you for doing what you have done; You are kind beyond belief; Your help and caring calmed me down, And gave me Hope.

For now I will trust and Obey In the Lord.

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