What you need to know about Tecno’s latest posh phone ‘Tecno Boom J8’

Tecno Mobile’s latest smartphone Tecno Boom J8 is a must have phone for classy people especially music lovers. Today we bring what you need to know about the lovely gadget.


BOOM J8 is the music flagship device of TECNO with excellent music performance. The Boom Player can provide abundant music resource to you, and the Boom Headphone brings you a comfortable and perfect enjoyment of music. BOOM J8 shows perfect sound quality with BOOM MAX, even the mage bass is also perfect!


The feature of Boom headphone is the advanced mega bass experience with the professional sound cavity and a clear acoustic design. And there is more! The headphone covers have leather texture which makes you look fashionable. The tender leather ear cushions stay comfortable no matter how long your playlist is. Go ahead, lose yourself in music and dance along with the beats!

Boom J8 is a stylish music phone with 7.35mm ultra slim appearance. The little smart device is beyond your imagination for its slim body and the stylish design. Come on, dance with the beats and show the stylish yourself!


BOOM J8 owns deep bass and full range sound for a superior audio experience. The exquisite speakers and the headphone with BOOM MAXX, all of them combine together, to give you an excellent experience of mega bass. The superior audio experience is available for both listening and phone call. There’s more, full range frequency response for rich bass which makes you feel the perfect mega bass. Let’s dance with the rhythms!

Boom J8 is available at all Tecno and phone outlets in Ugandan at only Shs 499,000.

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