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Photos: Black Wall Street marks Africa Rebirth in epic event in Kampala

The Black Wall Street (BWS) community held The Resurrection Event; Africa’s Rebirth on the 31st May and 1st June 2021 in a colourful event held at the BWS headquarters in Kampala Uganda.

The event was in commemoration of the 100 years old racist capitalists attack on the Black Wall Street Community in North Tulsa Oklahoma where over 300 souls were killed and over 1000 businesses lost.

The event was the worst kind of racist attack on American soil and though efforts were made by the state of Oklahoma to bury this historic event, voices of survivors and descendants of the massacred have risen quite recently demanding for justice.

The commemoration, held at the BWS House in Uganda’s Capital Kampala was hosted by Felix Omozusi and Latoya Benjamin live on the all new Black Wall Street television.

It was watched by millions across the globe and had key note speakers who included retired judge George Kanyeihamba among others.
Also emancipation speeches of some of the greatest black people in the world like music icon Bob Marley, Martin Luther King were played to remind black people that they can raise and be great again.

Some of the greatest black people to ever live on Earth were recognised. They included the late great Nelson Madikizela Mandela.

The man behind this resurrection, Charles N. Lambert was in Tulsa OK in 2002 when he accidentally strayed to the North of the city and learnt of the horrible story of the destruction of the prosperity of a people only because they came from Africa. He swore to rebuild the community though he wasn’t sure exactly how he would do it.
Lambert is an innovator and a philosopher among other things so he created a new economic system called Compassionate Capitalism.
Charles Lambert formed this new economic system through a combination of empathy driven innovations and the Trap and Reinvest philosophy of the ancient Black Wall Street community.

In his moving address, Mr. Lambert reemphasized his complete blueprint document for the Rebirth of Africa through the implementation of the Compassionate Capitalism meaning the Resurrection of the Black Wall Street that also marks the Rebirth of Africa.

In 2019, in his capacity as leader of Africa’s first economic war for economic independence, Lambert prophesied that at the 100th anniversary, the Black Wall Street which was destroyed will rise again like the Phoenix but this time on African soil where it cannot be touched by Racist capitalist ever again.

And Uganda is the specific place in Africa where this revolution begins.
This is the very first ideological transfer from Africans in diaspora to Africa. This is the first time that Africa is listening to black America and enacting a whole new beginning based on ideologies as African Americans not based on Europeans.

The activities to mark the commemoration are expected to reconnect African Americans to their motherland.

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