Odrek Rwabwogo preaches Social Economic triggers of a revolution

Together with his team, Odrek Rwabwogo on Thursday preached to over 250 trainees on social and economic triggers of a revolution at the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi.

“We spent today February 23, at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) at Kyankwanzi speaking to the over 250 trainees. A good crop of educated, semi middle class people from all parts of the country, they gave good attention to the topic “Social and Economic Triggers of a Revolution: What should our generation care about for a future Uganda?”.

We were honored to deliver the lecture and it is always a wonderful opportunity and pleasure to be in NALI and see the team of committed Ugandan leaders and instructors who wake up every morning with one aim: To change the mindset of our people and Prepare them for a more united and prosperous nation with responsible citizens,” Rwabwogo posted.

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