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Ketaalo by Lillian Mbabazi

While everyone else is busy finding out the paternity of her fetus, we at Showbiz Uganda choose to concentrate on Lilian’s music.Lilian MbabaziOne of her latest releases is’ Ketaalo’, which was written by the legendary Chagga.

Lilian Mbabazi

This song is about a lady that is tired of staying home and finally decides her man is not leaving her home while he goes out to have fun.                           ”Leero Ketaalo;                                                                                                                            Ngendakwetaala;                                                                                                                  Tukoone koone mu dance nga ndi nawe”

It is a very groovy  jam that, believe you-me, you will find yourself involuntarily moving your body along to. You need to listen to this song to share our love for it. Lillian nailed this one.

Mbabazi is one of Uganda’s finest vocalists. She has a very strong musical voice which I believe is a result of her love for strong vocalists such as Christina Aguilera and Adele. In fact if your memory can quickly rewind as far as Coca-Cola pop stars, where her ability to sing exactly like Christina amazed the judges and pushed her far in the completion (this makes me feel like we have watched her grow from that little girl wearing flared pants to now a diva and mother). As a matter of fact Ketaalo is just another manifestation of Lillian’s vocal ability. She hits high notes and still manages to pull herself together to hit the low ones. The Uganda music scene is very blessed to have such amazing talent.

The pages is “Lilian’s Fan Page”, Like it on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @lmbabazi to get an easy link to the song. Go to sound cloud, Revebnation, Myziki, etc. and listen to this song. Share it and spread the good news of Showbiz Uganda to the world. Thank you for reading this and your welcome to read the rest.

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