Diaspora’s Newest Kid On The Block

Diaspora’s Newest Kid On The Block

Jay Hustle is a new promising artist based in the UK who officially made his first advent in “Drive Me Crazy” ft Ag3lina and Si Mberenge Ft. Fresh Papoose in year 2013.JayThe young Jay Hustle who’s a brother to singer/song writer Fyonna Nsubuga is said to shock many with his musical diversity, the uniqueness in his music  and striking image leaves one wondering why he’s not at the top with the big guns.

2014 is proving to be a good start for Jay Hustle with his first release “Ndabila Kukyi” as a solo artist. The groovy ‘Ndabila Kukyi’ is going viral online, receiving heavy downloads as well as continuing to sweep women off their feet. The strong message in the song recognises a woman’s existence and appreciates a woman’s qualities. The song tells us that some men can truly love and be loyal to one woman.

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SU: Is there anything more we don’t know about Jay Hustle?Jay: I fully enjoy what I do and the fear to experiment different things is almost non-existent as I’m constantly attempting new styles to extend my horizon.

SU: Is there a target audience for your music?

Jay: The music I create is for all ages and audiences. Music is a universal language and having grown up in a multicultural society, listening to different genres this has inspired me to create music which unifies all groups/classes of people as one family.

SU: What are your thoughts on the Ugandan music industry so far?

Jay: I feel Ugandan music industry is growing in to a more diverse industry as new talents and styles keep coming up. People are becoming more aware and exposed to the ever-changing trends in the music industry so new good talents are getting endorsed.Jay Hustle on stage performingJay Hustle on stage performing

SU: What’s next for Jay Hustle?

Jay: I consider myself as a flexible artist who is ready to cater for both my local and corporate audiences. Home is the beginning of everything, my focus at the moment is to please my local fans with the kind of music they want.

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