A Henry H. Ssali Film


Title: BullionTitleWhen doctors tell him that his daughter requires expensive open-heart surgery in India to save her life, Collins Jjuuko, a bullion van driver, joins a group of money hungry bank employees who are plotting a bullion van robbery. He is betrayed by his accomplices who frame him and take off with all the cash. While serving time in prison, his daughter dies and the mastermind of the robbery seduces his fiancé with the allure of money. Now he is back from prison to get his vengeance. He wants his share of the bullion and more. And he is taking no prisoners!

Tagline: When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose

Written By: Billy Ashaba

Directed by: Phillip Luswata

Edited by: Esther Kintu

Produced by: Phillip Luswata


Allan Tumusiime (Kiwani: The Movie)

Ainea Ojiambo: (Kenyan) (Makutano Junction, Constant Gardener, The First Grader)

Veronica “Tindi” Tindichebwa: Fun Factory/Mini-Buzz/KFM

Muwawu Gwayambadde: Centre Four/Makutano Junction

Dickson Zizina: Fun Factory/Dembe FM

Gerald Rutaro: Fun Factory

Juliana Kanyomozi

Laura Kahunde

Michael Wawuyo

Wilberforce Mutete: (Hand in Hand)

Wawuyo Jr (Hostel)

Richard Tuwangye: Theatre Factory

Winnie Lalani: (Tycoon Sikander Lalani’s wife)

Carol Agudo: (Model with Sylvia Owori)

Ann Kansiime: Fun Factory.



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