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EQUATION by Desire Luzinda

If I were giving a speech, we would all first get on our two feet, and give Desire a round of applause for this one.DesireHave you seen the video!?WOW! A perfect ‘optigasm’. (Desire, I’m proud to even just know your name). With songs like this, Desire has steadily walked away from being just a top female artist to a diva. This song is a definite stamp to that.

This is a love song, expressing a love that is so magical but also balances like a chemical equation. It has a very catchy chorus. ; One that can make a very beautiful ear worm. I must also add the fact that there is a very good English-Luganda ratio in this piece. I can’t entirely baptize this a reggae song because it is fused with an Afro beat melody. The two blend together perfectly with Desire’s melodious voice, to form a masterpiece.

Equation was produced by Paddy man of Audio 1. Now Paddy man is a veteran of sorts at good music. For all those that know their music well, you will agree with us that whatever this talented chap touches turns into a golden masterpiece. Ogopa, on the other hand, shot the video. Yes, I said Ogopa! The Kenyan guys. This goes to show how much there is maturity in the Ugandan music industry. The fact that artists have started borrowing ideas from other cultures trying out external producers and videographers is amazing. It leaves me wondering why anyone would say Ugandan music is of low quality.

Video wise, the song was shot with very beautiful scenery of water, palm trees and one very artist background. Her outfits as usual look very well planned out for every scene. (A plus for the men, there’s a lot of skin showing in most of them)

If you have not yet watched this song, run as first as you can to all your sites and do so. You are missing out on some optical nutrition. Stays glued on to your television set and request it all the media there is. Let’s support Desire and Ugandan music at large.

She has a concert on 6th June 2014 at Kampala Serena Hotel

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