‘Jeff Will Not Help You’, Fan Tells Sensation Singer Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi

Hottest singer at the moment Sheebah Karungi has been told to quit her current management by a concerned fan. Jenny Speanker, a fan of the ‘Twesana’ singer revealed on her Facebook page that the singer has come from a hustle and that she should not let herself to be used by the current management.Jenny Speanker believes Jeff is not the right person to manage Sheebah Karungi

Jenny Speanker believes Jeff is not the right person to manage Sheebah Karungi

Yes, Jeff is a good manager, he managed Good Lyfe well but you have to be cautious with him, it seems they are using you to get their signed new artists to shine,” Jenny said. She added after the ‘Twesana’ song, we should have seen another bigger hit from Sheebah but all she does these days are collabos which I don’t think will help her.Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi

Below is the fans full statement about Sheebah’s career

Jenny Speanker; Dear #KarungiSheebah I love your music babes and i have watched you hustle it up to where you are with loads of people stating and claiming how you can not sing blah blah blah.. i want to congratulate you on where you have reached in your career.. it might not be the top but its not the bottom too. This year is/was your year but i am thinking that you might not achieve you heights in your career due to some stuff i have been observing. First and foremost i hope you are covered from the dirty games of Ugandan managers especially Jeff Kiwa yes he is good and all that because he was handling the Good Lyfe but you need to be cautious darling. to me it seems they are using you to get shine for the new signed artists and we are no longer getting the interesting sound that u had come up with that made us know it was you doing yo thing. i feel with the Twesana song the next should have been a bigger banger. all the collabos ur doing now may not do justice to u maybe they could but i do not see how it will benefit you. Hope you do not end up being used like Ziggy Dee. Be careful my dear in your journey in music… its full of back stabbers. Open your eyes… if i could state you are the biggest artist under Jeff now the rest have to fight for their place in the industry. no hating. You are a star, and we love u… but darling watch your back i do not think the formula that worked for Good Lyfe boys will work for you… Yo concerned fan….Not good enough: Jeff KiwanukaNot good enough: Jeff Kiwanuka



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