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Breaking Free by Ekky

Ekky is one of Uganda’s finest urban musicians. She is one of the few artists that have a way of making all her music sound urban, trust me, even her Luganda songs sound like Leona Lewis songs (lol). Her music has a very skillful blend of Afro beats that leaves the listener’s ear begging for more.Ekky
‘Breaking free’ is her latest single off her upcoming debut album “THE AFRICAN LOVE STORY”. It is an Afro House song, the very first of its kind in Uganda. This fact gives me so much joy. I was tired of my radio being flooded with Dj.Ganyani music. The jam talks about breaking free from all toxic energies, bad relationships, hypocritical friends and all those things along those lines. This ‘Breaking free’ jam is satisfying.
I can’t forget to mention the obvious, her vocals. This belle has one of the most captivating and diverse vocals. The girl hits all the notes in the sol-fa notation and even creates more. The production, which is ‘on point’ like a decimal, was done by KindahQuet and The Genre. I believe the fact that two professional production houses were featured on this track makes it exactly what it is. Another amazing fact about Ekky is that she is managed by one of the best in the game; Konector. These guys never go wrong with talent. They are also the pillar behind Richy.
If you have not yet heard this one or have heard it but don’t know where to find it, follow Ekky on twitter @EKKYmusiq and on Facebook like her page EKKY. There you’ll get all the links. The song is also on Sound cloud. Go listen, like, download and share.

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