I Am Not Arrogant – Bebe Cool

I Am Not Arrogant – Bebe Cool

Big size singer Bebe Cool has revealed to us that he has never been arrogant and that people misjudge him to be.

Bebe Cool did a new video in South Africa

Bebe Cool did a new video in South Africa

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While posting on his Facebook Page, Bebe Cool said it’s his haters who are arrogant and that most of them do not know the meaning of the word arrogant.Bebe CoolBebe Cool

The singer who is currently in South Africa for MAMA and some new musical projects with Nigerian star Clarence Peters posted a long explanation on his wall as below

“I did not have to but it has caught my attention, this issue that has been going on some illiterates branding me arrogant. Quick question, as you read this post, quickly turn to the person next to you and ask them, do you know the meaning of the word ARROGANT?
I personally think most people mistake professionalism and being principled for arrogance, For instance;

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1 – I believe in certain minimum standards in whatever I do, refusing to accept anything less than that doesn’t make me arrogant.
2- I do not have to say what you want to hear if I do not believe it to be true
3- I believe in myself and are never afraid to tell it as it is if it makes sense to me. Your fear of expressing yourself doesn’t make me arrogant.
4-Most people lack a certain level of understanding of some things. This affects their judgement hence blaming me yet they can’t even digest what I write. They don’t take time to comprehend the gist of what am saying, they just read and comment.
5. Inferiority complex: I think if u live to fear to be yourself, then I guess u fear to live. I don’t.

Last but not least, I have a right to my opinion, to see things differently, doing what pleases me as long as it’s not harmful to any one, seeing beyond where most people see, just because u don’t perceive or even understand what I say does not make me ARROGANT,” Bebe Cool posted.

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