Ela by Sitenda

Ela by Sitenda

“Ela is a loose Luganda translation for the word again and the inspiration behind this song is holding onto good memories and happy moments with the people you love and playing them over and over again (Ela).Sitenda

It is a tribute to my mother and brother who passed away. I wrote the song as a way of trying to hold on to good memories with them and recapturing them. I hope it speaks to someone out there who is struggling with grief; and even other people to just always hold onto good memories and good times. It keeps one happy and positive. Leave the negative out. Live, love, laugh and enjoy Ela.”Said Sitenda when Showbiz Uganda asked her about the song. I feel like this lovely lady reminds me of Jennifer Hudson. They seem to have an awkward similarity. Anyway that’s just my thought; what’s yours?

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The piece was produced by the talented Abaasa and I must say, he did a tremendous job with this one again. The instruments are heavenly. It’s a very rich piece. Both the instrumental and Sitenda’s voice just work together to make the listener smile.

Among the many representatives Uganda has sent to Tusker Project Fame, Sitenda seems to be one of the few(by few I mean only Naava Grey) that have actually come back to give us our money’s worth(money we spent during voting).Even those that won; just somehow  got lost in thin  air.

As usual let’s go out and support Sitenda by listening to her song. Follow her on facebook; Sitenda Kisakye to get a link to the song and her new projects. Let’s get to work people!

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