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Mama by Benezeri featuring Sitenda

If you have not heard this song by now, then you are either one of the thugs that mugged Benezeri or you are probably better off without your ‘favorite’ radio station.

Benezeri dared to say that his song is the best produced song; even comparing it to Zigggy Dee’s ‘Eno mic’ in an interview on a local radio station. We can’t blame him. This song is NICE! It’s not one of those cliché African mama songs. The punch lines are on point and the chorus is even better. Sitenda (from The Tusker Project Fame) did justice to that chorus.BenezeriBenezeri

SU already loves this song and even knows some of the lyrics. Let’s ‘sample you’ “Growing up I always wanted to be an inventor,                                       From the beginning my Mama was at the center,                                                 Ever since I was detached from her placenta” (clearly Benezeri attended O’level Biology classes)

When SU contacted Benezeri about this song; this is what he had to say, “Mama is a song featuring Sitenda and produced by Abaasa. It was mastered by Nelson at C19 studio. Mama is the lead single from my forthcoming ‘Champion’ album and is a dedication to everyone who loves their mum or mother figure.”SitendaSitenda

Reading about the song from here is only a portion of the deal; complete your end of the deal by getting the song and actually listening to it. Find Benezeri on facebook as Benezeri Wanjala Chibitah; follow the links on his page and get to listen to this lovely jam.

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