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LOYALTY by Enygma, Michael Ross and Flex d’paper

Artists have sung about this issue countless times. Bayudda, Kawoonawo, Ngenda maaso…blah blah blah. Enygma looked at this betrayal issue from another angle altogether. He decided to baptize his angle ‘Loyalty’ (a more civilized version I must say). Another word that I can use to explain the song is; hypocrites. Enygma will explain more.Michael RossMichael Ross

Enygma’s talent is overwhelming. He seems to have some of the most captivating lyrics; I believe it is expected of a man that was,”conceived with his mum on the pill and father wearing a condom.”  In this particular song he teams up with the “legendary” Michal Ross and almost equally talented Flex d’paper. Flex is a story for another day; if I start now we might never finish here. Frank Baru aka Baru on the Beat was the producer of this jam. Now that’s another very talented homo-sapien.

As usual we at Showbiz Uganda made it a point to get in touch with the man himself and so we managed to get a word with Enygma and this is what he had to say about this jam;


SU: What was your inspiration for this song?                                             Enygma; My inspiration always comes from what I see around me. I looked around and noticed that there are some people amongst my friends and family whom I’ve gone out of my way to be helpful to. But then I get alarmed to find that some of these people are working hard behind the scenes to orchestrate my downfall. It’s disappointing to realize that animals show more loyalty and less hypocrisy than humans. I mentioned this on occasion and found that many people have such characters in their lives. So I figured I would write a song about fair-weather friends seeing as it’s something that affects most of us but we don’t hear enough about it in songs which are mostly about sex, getting high, blowing money and partying.

 SU: Why did you choose Flex and Michael to feature on this song?

Enygma; Flex and I had been planning on working together for a very long time. We first met in 2010 before either one of us had made our mark yet. So this collabo has been a long time coming. Good enough, Flex also wanted to do a song about Loyalty and so it just made so much sense to do this together since we were on the same page. As for Michael Ross, this is a man who has been at the forefront of Ugandan R&B for more than a decade. You cannot talk about R&B and fail to mention Michael Ross. Longevity is very difficult in the music world and he has managed to do it for all these years and for that I have nothing but respect for him. So I called him up and asked him if he would be interested in doing a project with me and I was humbled by how enthusiastic he was. People who have followed me closely know that I love bringing out unknown, talented youngsters when I can. But I also enjoy working with veterans who have seen it all because I learn something from them always.

Now for those who are ranting about why we only asked two questions; Well that’s all we wanted to know. If you have other questions; for example his number, unmasking etc. please go ask him yourself. Otherwise, let’s look of this song (*and many more by the same artists) on Sound cloud, Revebnation, Myziki, YouTube and any other legal way you know. After listening, please come back and give us your thoughts.

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