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SMILE UGANDA by Irene Ntale

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SMILE UGANDA by Irene Ntale

We could write a dictionary of words to describe this belle or her never-ending adrenaline rushing music but let’s leave that for another day. “Smile Uganda” is Irene’s rendition of Jamaican artist Chronixx’  “Smile Jamaica”. We know when SU said rendition most of you made faces but smile friends wait till you actually listen to this jam; you’ll know why even we, love it. For lack of a better expression; I could bet my fingers to say that Irene did this song better than Chronixx (no offence Jamaicans, we’re only being Patriotic).

Irene Ntale

The song talks about how Irene met a very handsome young man looking sad and she introduced herself to him as Ntale and he tells her, his name is Uganda…Blah blah blah(connect the dots and get the story). You know many a time when our Ugandan artists do renditions to songs, they are never creative enough to add a little more or take some things away from the original but trust Irene to give this jam a “Kinauganda” feel which even makes it danceable to our Baale Francis generation.

It goes without saying that Ntale is the Uganda music scene’s next big thing. And by the way for those that did not know this beauty was one of the voices behind Maurice Kirya’s “Book of Kirya”. She has been around the scene for some time now and she is here to stay. Now get your eyes off here and go look for this song. Be Patriotic. Support a sister



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