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This song is only featuring today because everyone is talking about it but if it were up to us, it would have featured a year ago. Yes, that’s how old it is but because we Ugandans don’t know how to buy albums, we definitely would not know.Maurice KiryaMaurice Kirya

No. 4 off “The Book of Kirya”, I must admit that the blue dress song is actually another side of Maurice Kirya altogether. It brings out his frisky side; one that makes every one of the ladies that already want him; want him even more (don’t worry ladies ‘the Sound Cup’ is his hung out. If you run there immediately after reading this article who knows maybe Cupid might remember you after all. ‘ just saying’).We all know by now that it talks about a lady in a blue dress with polka dots that he walked up to one night, had a conversation with and at the end of the night they went home. Nine months later, she sends him another love letter to inform him that they had a baby called Rita…

The video has been streaming on very many stations now and has even topped some regional television countdowns. Filmed in Kenya with a beautiful model, I dare say this video is a disappointment to the audio. Don’t get me wrong; the graphics are perfect, but the story line… NOWAY!! To those that knew the audio before the video you will agree with me that we expected so much more from that video. There was supposed to be at least as much story in the video as in the audio. But that’s just me exercising my freedom of speech. What do you think? Go to Maurice Kirya’s you tube channel and watch this video. Trust me it’s worth your time.



  1. wow….beautiful article…i gotta admit i felt the same way about that Maurice video….but thats a beautifu article …keep it up!!!

  2.,ur amazing,your articles keep me glued all the time,i must applause ue for that,nd about the blue dress song..too perfect..tho agree with ue abt excepting more from the video…

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