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Breathe Away/Street Lights/Ntunga – Radio and Weasel

This duo never ceases to make one smile. Radio and Weasel have forever been consistent in their music, little wonder they concurrently get nominated for international awards. They have surely earned it.goodlife living a goodlyfe copy

Also, the fact that this former Good Lyfe duo releases songs one after the other without any breathing space, has totally confused me on which one to write about. This is why I have decided to write about all these songs in the same article.

‘Breathe Away’ being my personal favourite (at the moment), puts my oxygen supply to a halt for a few seconds every time I hear it. The song is simply beautiful. Radio even makes it lovelier by exaggerating how this girl takes his breathe away and he wants to be her black Michael Jackson. On the other side Weasel brings in his hoarse voiced vibes which kick us into their imaginary “Oxygen less” world. The production on this love song is amazing. Now when the video comes in, all I can say is, “It is well with this song”. The lighting is perfect and the concept is on point. All these factors put together push this reggae piece into the plane and then onto the world platform.

‘Ntunga’ on the other hand is one of those normal hits these two bring onto the scene. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a bad song, on the contrary I believe it’s a great song for ‘kwanjulas’.It falls in the same category as ‘Bread and butter’, ‘Nyambura’,and ‘Number Emu’. It’s not very different from what the boys have done before. But that doesn’t stop us from liking it anyway.

Then ‘Street Lights’ comes along. I have to give this one to the boys. They nailed it. Yes, I know there is a lot of hullabaloo about this song being a replica of ‘Do what you want’ by Lady Gaga and R.Kelly, but come on people, aren’t we used yet? I mean there is a Luganda version of ‘All of me’. Same lyrics and a Kidandali beat dubbed over John Legend’s piano melody. I’ve not heard anyone say anything about that but when Radio and Weasel go ahead to recreate the Lady Gaga beat, everyone is up and about their business(not forgetting that they have done it before with P Square and Omulangira Suuna’s songs).I love this song with all the foes it comes with. It basically talks about “baby you and me, me and you, me and you, and the street lights…” and showing their lovers all the love they deserve. If you want to know exactly what they said, feel free to listen to the song.

All these love songs are featured on various radio and television countdowns. They are also available out on CD in the Ntunga and Amaaso albums. Sound cloud, My ziki, and links are available on their social media sites. Download, share and love. Keep on visiting Showbiz Uganda because we’ve got it all!

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