Who Is Fresh Papoose?

Who Is Fresh Papoose?

Robbie Rain Businge Luwaga, the artist known as ‘Fresh Papoose aka Fresh P’ is a young, dynamic and talented Luga flow hip hop, whose career is set to the high level over the next years.


He first emerged on the music scene in the year 2010 as part of the group ‘Red Tawu Entrainment’ (R.T.E). He then recorded his first song ‘Ensi si nyangu’ in the same year 2010. Since then, Fresh Papoose has gone from strength, working his way up the entertainment ladder in some places in UK to become the most recognizable Luga Flow Hip-hop artist in the music industries/country Uganda, and receiving recognition comments from the people.

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As part of the group ‘Red Tawu Entertainment’, Fresh Papoose was the only Luga flow hip hop artist in group and in UK who never let the group down as for him. As a rap act, Fresh Papoose is looking forward has reputation spreading throughout East Africa and in some countries. Quality has been a huge part of Fresh Papoose’s progression as an artist, and Fresh Papoose has always needed it to gain the appeal that is now giving him more of the confidential Luga flow hip hop artist in East Africa according to his dreams.

Fresh Papoose’s highly anticipated he hasn’t got album yet entitled ‘Who am I? Am the Hip Hop Police!!’ is a fresh as his name Fresh papoose, youthful sound with strong African influence that looks set to take the East African hip hop Music to the next level by storm. Before, Fresh Papoose was well known as Kichen Bro in his neighbourhood and the fans.

The name Kichen Bro was given by her young sisters, Angela Nakix “https://twitter.com/Angelanakix” who is a upcoming model now and Immaculate Nakibuugwe “https://twitter.com/minajsolaskie”, so he decided to spell it differently Kichen without “T” as in Kitchen. His young sisters came up with name “Kichen Bro” because he liked cooking or being in the Kitchen all the times and they came up with “Bro” because his they’re older brother. Fresh Papoose is the only son in the family with 5 sisters.

After some times, he moved to UK with all of his 5 sisters in 2008 from Uganda to join their parents in United Kingdom to have better life after long time without seeing each other since they left Uganda in 2000. He then recorded is first song “EKIBUUZO” after he find it so hard to find music studio to record as he never took it seriously as he was into studies. After sometimes, he then changed his name from Kichen Bro to “Fresh Papoose” after a friend of his told him, “that someone else is using his name in Uganda”, but for him spells the name Kitchen Bro with “T”, so he had to let it go. The reason why he let the name go Is because the guy using his name is on the ground in Uganda and he will be more popular and recognized than him. “After” he thought of the new name, He came up with “FRESH PAPOOSE” a.k.a Fresh P.Fresh Papoose and Jay Hustle

Fresh Papoose and Jay Hustle

The young talented Ugandan lugaflow hip hop artist hailing from United Kingdom. Fresh Papoose is interested in music showed at an early age, He was heavily influenced by hip hop rappers like Papoose U.S.A hip hop underground http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papoose , Juacali Kenya, Juelz Santana U.S.A ,Bataka squad/ Babaluku/ Saba saba Uganda, Krukid Uganda American, Keko Uganda, Navio Uganda, Kool G Rap, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane and many more.

He listened to their music by visiting their website local TV music channels or by visiting you-tube channels, a channel he would watch everyday when he goes on internet. His introduction to hip hop and luga flow was when he first heard “AMAWULILE”by Bataka Squad, from their on wards, he started downloading there songs from youtube and some free website music. He started writing his own songs since he left Uganda to UK and I started recording songs since and then. So far, he only worked with Producers like Nafia and Platinum for the success.

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