Binance launches consumer empowerment campaign

Binance launches consumer empowerment campaign

World’s leading blockchain ecosystem Binance has launched a consumer empowerment campaign.

Themed #CryptoCelebAlert the campaign will focus on encouraging users to “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR), in order for them to become empowered to make informed decisions about their finances and crypto investments.

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As such, the campaign has seen Binance partner with celebrities ahead of gameday with a Proof Of Attendance Protocol (POAP) Non-fungible Token (NFT) giveaway this coming weekend.Binance Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) said, “It won’t just be a battle between teams and fans this coming gameday weekend – crypto companies will be going head-to-head.

Binance CEO; Changpeng Zhao

Brands are recruiting notable faces to promote everything from NFTs to Web3 technologies while Binance, the world’s largest crypto and blockchain infrastructure provider, has partnered with a group of VIPs, known for their honesty and independence, to tell consumers, “Don’t listen to [celebs] about your financial freedom, learn crypto and trust yourself.” The global campaign which features global superstar and entrepreneur J Balvin, all-star basketball forward Jimmy Butler and mixed martial arts fighter Valentina Shevchenko – focuses on encouraging consumers to do the research and learn crypto themselves, so they can be empowered and accountable for their own financial freedom and success.

On February 13, for every commercial aired during the game with a celebrity “talking crypto”, viewers are encouraged to sound Binance’s #CryptoCelebAlert at to claim one of 2,222 POAP NFTs featuring Jimmy Butler.

More importantly, they can access an easy-to-read crypto primer to better understand the basics of crypto.“Many people are interested in blockchain-based products, like crypto, but relatively few know where to start when it comes to educating themselves on these new technologies.

In addition to product and brand awareness, we need to help people understand the basics of crypto and be able to make more informed investment decisions. It’s also about helping people be more confident in themselves as it’s better to be your own expert than listen to someone who may not actually understand or care about your financial goals,” Zhao added.

J Balvin said, “I’ve been experimenting with crypto because I believe it offers new ways to think about financial freedom. Not just for artists, entertainers and athletes but for anyone who is interested and willing to learn. One lesson in my career is don’t trust what ‘they’ tell you, do your own research and then decide.”

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