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TWESANA By Sheebah Karungi


Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah has come onto the scene at an acceleration that no physician has yet discovered. If her plan was to surprise us then she surely has. For a moment there I once thought this former obsessions sensation was haunting me. She seemed to be on every television station I switch to and every radio station I tuned in to. Twesana is a love song off Sheebah’s debut album “Ice Cream”. In this jam, she blends her Luganda playfully with Runyankole and they come out sounding great .She sings about a guy that has a specific look that she believes makes them(him and Sheebah) compatible. I must say before calling this a love song, one might first dance very vigorously to the beat and then remember later to listen to the words. (Don’t be surprised if you go through the same routine over and over again before deciding to focus on the words only.) There is so much controversy over the genre of this one. Many term it as dancehall while another group refers to it as “Kidandali”. I, on the other hand, believe she borrowed a thing or two from both genres; but who cares, as long as this song can get us up from our seats involuntarily, we are good. About the video, if you are looking for skimpy, sexy, colorful and groovy, don’t look any further, Sheebah has got it all mingled up in there. Just watch and enjoy. Go look for the song, request for it on tour favorite shows and prove we are right. For now let’s hope for more and even better of these songs from Sheebah, under her new management. Enjoy!

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