Ex Miss Uganda Barbara To Launch KIMBRA Foundation Officially

Former Miss Uganda 2004 Barbara Kimbugwe is set to launch officially her charity organization ‘KIMBRA Foundation’ in two weeks time at Palm Beach, Florida,US and then Kampala, Uganda  in December.


Barbara told Showbiz Uganda that her charity organization is privately funded by herself.

The charity organization which looks after underprivileged children and orphans in Africa especially Uganda will now be made to the public so that anyone can contribute to it.

She refuted allegations that funds from the charity organization were used to buy her posh cars Maserati. “KIMBRA is one year old but I have been driving these posh cars for more than three years. Some people are crazy”, she said.  She added, “If that’s what non appreciative people think of me, I challenge them to own foundations and drive posh babes / rides like I do. Common sense isn’t common to all humans. But I will keep doing my job for the goodness of the kids that gain out of it”.

Barbara currently runs a string of businesses at Palm Beach, Florida, US. Way to go girl!

Barbara Kimbugwe on her Maserati cars

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