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Richy makes one gasp for oxygen when he opens his vocal codes to produce musical sound.


This guy is talented to the bone marrow. I dare say, he is one of Uganda’s finest Afro soul artists. Ebiro byaffe is a song off Richy’s debut album,” My Words”, realesed by Konector. It also happens to be his only all Luganda song. The jam talks about how hard and expensive times have become, to the extent that people have stopped caring for the weak and poor and have instead resorted to making their lives impossible and uncomfortable. He goes ahead to pray to God for our nights and asks him to teach us how to love each other. The instruments in this piece are beautiful the drums are heavy, guitar, and trumpet all sound very melodious and well mastered. Talk about practicing what we preach, Richy has been going around playing this song on very many charitable ventures. Richy has been around the scene for quite long. If you are good at your music you will recognize his vocals in Navio’s, “One and Only”. He also has very many songs, some being, Maama, Jaming, True Love, among the many. As usual people you know the drills, if you have not yet heard this (these) song(s) go to Sound cloud, buy the Album off iTunes, or from Richy himself. Follow him on twitter as @richymusiq and on facebook as Richy.

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