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Yvonnie Nansinguza thrives in international Tours & Travel business

Yvonnie Nansinguza is thriving in tours and travel business as a Tours and Travel agent, we can reveal.

Being an international agent in the Middle East has put her on the world map.
Many travellers are finding it easy to work with her (use her) as their agent.
She is slowly becoming a top travel and tour agent and she can book for you a flight, hotel, get you a visa and related matters.
We caught up with her to tell us how it has been at Fawq Alssahb Travel & Tourism agency.
During the chat with us, Yvonnie was said being a person who can not stay in one place inspired her to become a travel agent.
“I am a person who can’t stay in one place meaning travelling is my thing. I enjoy finding interesting destinations and great deals. i became a travel agent to combine my expertise with my passion for travel,” she said.
On dealing with angry customer(s) on the phone, Yvonnie had this to sat. “I first apologise to them for the experience  and thank them for the opportunity to let me help them find a solution, i make sure that their satisfaction is my first priority by checking on them every after 24 hours,to see if all is ok,” she said.
On impressing a client, Yvonnie said one of her clients missed a flight, she went out of her way to book him a hotel near the airport and rebooked him the next flight the following day. “He expressed his gratitude for the kind gesture”.
Yvonnie considers in travel business, price, product or communication as the three most important things in travel business.
She said all the 3 contribute to success as a travel agent.
To her, communication is very vital for her to understand her clients so that she can meet their needs to the best way possible.
What’s is your personal definition of outstanding customer service?
She says her personal definition involves anticipating her client’s every need and providing solutions to the problems they don’t even know about.
“My need is to make sure I make their travel relaxing and fun… remove all worries  and doubts  from their minds,so they can enjoy the adventures,” Yvonnie said.
After her interview, we went and ask some of her clients how their working with her has been.
“I worked with Yvonnie she’s listening and transparent in fact she booked for me air ticket and I got it within one day,” Jamil.
“About Yvonnie, I contacted her about visa for me and my sister and she delivered in just one day.
Plus her rates are friendly,” Liane Nakaweesi.
“She helps in getting visa and ticket. She has been in system for longtime and she’s trustworthy,” Edith.
” Yvonnie  has been of big support to me for my travel and booking.  She brought change in struggle to buy ticket and visa. She is doing a good job and she is transparent. I have been able to refer more kenyans to her,” Peter.
To get in touch with her, Call or WhatsApp her on +971507394453 or +256789701136 or use email:

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