Why I Want To Represent People Of Rushenyi In 2016- Justus Karuhanga

My name is Justus Karuhanga a son to the late Emanuel Karuhanga of Rwabaramira Rubaare Rushenyi Ntungamo. I am a lawyer with a law firm, Karuhanga -Tabaro and Associates (KTA) in Kampala.

It is close to five years since I came to you seeking your mandate to be your area Member of Parliament. It is with honor and humility that I thank everyone who supported me then. And to those who never supported me, I must say it was such an opportunity that I experienced that and must thank you as well for the support you rendered to your candidates. I ask that may be this time round you understand my cause.Justus Karuhanga

Justus Karuhanga

In 2011, I took one of the most momentous decisions of my life when I entered active politics, standing as an NRM candidate aspirant for Parliament for Rushenyi constituency. Though we didn’t make it, I feel it is a decision that has proved to be tremendously fulfilling and one of the most significant in my life.

I take the honor and privilege to thank the incumbent Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana for the work he has done for Rushenyi for the last 19 years as a Member of Parliament.

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It is my belief and conviction that in all these years, Rushenyi people have been able to be left behind in terms of the developmental programs that I am sure I can take on towards bringing stable, united, poverty free, and economically sustaining families in Rushenyi.

I have had an opportunity to serve in different capacities in this country but most importantly is my relation with the youth. We must all acknowledge that youth globally are facing challenges of unemployment, lack of quality education and equality in terms of service delivery.

I therefore come with a vision and mission to offer myself as a link that will lead all the under privileged people in our county to success, I will focus on equipping people with skills that will make everyone in Rushenyi earn to improve the standards of living.

I want to assure you that specific interest area such as Agriculture, infrastructure development, ICT training, empowerment workshops, health, education as well as welfare of our people shall be given priority and we shall be able to achieve prosperity together as one through lobbying from Government.

I have taken on the huge challenges of high poor quality of our schools, impassable roads, scarcity of water, poverty, poor, social attitudes and low electricity connectivity in our area with commitment and enthusiasm.

As you know, these fresh elections are upon us now. On September 30th, the people of Rushenyi will vote to elect their very own NRM flag bearer.

As an NRM candidate, it is my privilege to humbly offer myself once again to ask for your mandate to lead you to the parliament of the republic of Uganda ‐‐ and to protect and promote the national interest ‐‐ to the best of my abilities, no matter what the challenges and changes in circumstances.

I confidently ask you to stand firmly with me, to allow me to take ahead the good work that the revolutionaries of our country led by H.E Kaguta Yoweri Museveni started, as well as to initiate new measures for the country’s and constituency’s benefit.
This Manifesto is only a summary of some of our ongoing projects and of our plans for the future. It is my firm belief, however, that my inner self is dedicated to you my people.

My sincere support to all associations is my pleasure. Irrespective of my ambitions politically, I want to assure you that I shall not hesitate but continue supporting youth activities and other interest groups united for a cause. With your support, I commit myself to make sure that social services are accessible to people.

I look forward to your support as we journey forward. I also take this opportunity to thank everyone for your mature understanding, deep encouragement and heart‐felt support, which has enabled me to succeed in working for their welfare even when I am not a Member of Parliament.
“Entumwa nungi egarura enkuru nungi”
********************For God and My Country**************************

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