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Music Review: Bikoola by Radio, Weasel and Irene Ntale

This is one of those collabos many have thought about and waited for patiently. The wait paid off indeed! When two big names in the industry come together, we expect the best, but most have disappointed. Celebrities usually rush into, collabos with each other especially when a new booming artist is involved can end up producing rubbish! It was not the case for these three musicians.Irene NtaleIrene Ntale

Radio, Weasel and Ntale have been on the scene for a while now (Ntale being more recent). The thought of having all this talent in one song is not easily containable. As expected, it is a masterpiece. The vocals yes, the beat yes, the rhythm yes, and lyrics yes; generally YES this is excellent.

The concept is very Ugandan. It is only in Uganda where love can be described as leaves. We once had a song that described love as a journey that ends with dirty shoes! So leaves are probably a better comparison.

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‘Bikoola’ is a love song which compares love to endless nature of leaves on a tree. Ntale puts her unique and sexy husky voice to very good use. She brings a seductive feel to her verses. She finishes her lines with a very erotic use of the Luganda interjection ‘gwe’; which makes the song very easy and interesting to sing along to.

Radio has learnt in his own way, to play around with his diction, juggling Luganda with English. A line from this particular piece that got me was “Atatwagala keep a safe distance”. This is a very interesting threat. He is also another one whose voice is quite unique. He seems to have his own nature of voice, that’s y King Saha’s is usually criticized for sounding like him (Radio). Radio is the definition of a talented artist.Radio and WeaselRadio and Weasel

Weasel just never seizes to amuse. He always finds a way of making his presence relevant in any song. He just always has the most irrelevant lyrics but very interesting to sing along because they have a groovy rhyme.

The three worked together with Washington, to create another massive hit. Washington is another story altogether. The man gets his hand onto anything musical and turns it into a remarkable piece. He has mastered his art and no one can be better than him at it.

Surely after all said about all the participants of this song, you must be convinced about its perfection. The song is indeed a masterpiece. It is one of those that can cut across all the different ages and social classes of our society. And we better brace our selves because it is on its way to become a ‘Kwanjula’ anthem! It is already at the top of many chats and below various countdowns.

Well go listen, download and share! For now, scroll through to read previous articles and keep checking in on Showbiz Uganda for more.

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