Zuena Kirema Had No Choice But To Return To Me – Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool Fires Back At The Haters, “I Am The Only Artist Who Can Have A Sell Out Concert At Kampala Serena Hotel”

Fresh from losing out on MAMA award, big size singer Bebe Cool has scoffed at his haters saying the loss has only made him better.Bebe Cool (R) has said his haters make him a star

Bebe Cool (R) has said his haters make him a star

“I did the best music when my wife left and she had no choice but to return ot me and I am the only artist who can have sell out a concert at Kampala Serena Hotel. I would like to tell my haters that my budget has doubled and I will be number one artist until I die,” Bebe Cool said. We reproduce his full statement below;

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Bebe Cool: Some few small minded Ugandans are funny, I see them jubilating my loss at the MAMA awards but I wonder how naive they can be because they definitely expect an answer from me, mostly one they don’t dream about coz they are myopic.

1- You should know from today that I feed on negativity not forgetting that when it’s positive, I still eat.
2 – please if you are celebrating me loosing an award, u must remember that, (a) when my wife-mother to my babies, my angel- left me, what would destroy any man, that’s when I did the best music that turned every thing for me paka she had no choice but to return.
2 – when I got shot, I became the first and trust me the only musician to be visited by A PRESIDENT. Big stuff meeeeee.
3. When any one fights me, they always loose ??????????????????????.
4. I lost the award but am the topic which is my first priority.
5. U all know I have lost many battles but still going stronger and i must win the war. Every musician has been rated against me but who stays standing? BEBE.
6. Now bad news for all bebecool haters, if u watch @mtvbaseafrica @CNNAfrica @tracetv and many others, my music plays more today than before.

Now with just a few of these, not wanting to give u more, I still have to assure u that I am stronger than ever. I actually thought my haters were clever kumbe they r DENSE, I think they should have prayed to ALLAH that I win the award to allow upcoming singers to prevail and enjoy the industry without extensively strong and experienced artists like me.

Last but not least, HATERS-u r in a lot of trouble coz instead I just doubled the BUDGET, extended my TERM LIMIT TO NUMBER ONE TILL I DIE. Now, if any one in the world thinks am wrong, read each comment below and see for your self how far it will go. Just don’t forget to buy my Go mama album on iTunes and http://www.amazon.com/Go-Mama-Bebe-Cool/dp/B00YO2T82G and come let’s celebrate a music icon in Uganda on 7th Aug’15 #kampalaserenahotel ?#?GMAU15? ?#?friendsofbebecool?. @MTVbaseAfrica@gagamel_phamily @24mediaug @THEBEAT999FM @bet_africa @CNNAfrica

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