What you need to know about the he 2nd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair 28th -30th July 2017

What you need to know about the he 2nd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair 28th -30th July 2017

The 2nd Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair under the theme “Cultures Empowering Each Other” is bringing together a diversity of communities both local and international, women and youths, family and exhibitors of a variety of products. The objectives of this fair are:

To attract at least 300 exhibitors of Africa’s most interesting cultural products like artifacts, memorabilia, cuisines, fashion, music, dance and drama, empowering them to showcase their culture, as well as exhibitors from other parts of the world; of the 300, 100 should be youth and at least 70 should be women

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To attract at least 20,000 tourists to the expo; from Uganda, East Africa region, the rest of Africa and the international community

To create employment opportunities by giving skills to youths and women on how to produce and brand commercial artifacts, memorabilia among other cultural tourism products for both domestic and International market

To increase export of tourism products like artifacts, crafts, memorabilia, music, food and fashion

Identifying, facilitating and training at least 100 exhibitors with unique talents that have potential to be developed and added onto the tourism value chain

The 1st Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair attracted over 10,000 investors both local and International. This year, the target is to attract at least 20,000 visitors, it will be held at Uganda Museum from 28th July-30th July, 2017. The Fair will comprise activities including:

Thematic side conferences on:  Culture and conservation (Wildlife, climate & Water), Culture and money, Culture and Family, Culture and Peace, and Culture and policy

School Quiz competitions at the level of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, topics will cover conservation ie wildlife, climate& water, food, Music, Cultural events, sites, fashion and cultural diversity among other things

The Africa Ministerial High Level Thematic Debate, this will comprise ministers of tourism across Africa deliberating on key issues of cultural tourism

Wildlife Exhibition and education by Entebbe Zoo with main focus on totems as spiritual emblems for many Ugandan cultures and relationship between human and conservation

Cultural exhibitions by different communities both local and international, among the things to be exhibited will include foods, fashion, key cultural/economic activities like iron smelting, weaving, backcloth making, music, dance, poetry, storytelling, senga sessions among other things

Awarding different categories including best exhibitors, best unique talents with potential to be developed, best essays, most culturally aware schools from the quiz competitions among other categories.

This fair will be opened by the state minister for Tourism, Wildlife and antiquities Hon. Godfrey Kiwanda and Closed by the event patron the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga together with Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development.g

The Schools’ Cultural Awareness Quiz Competition

Culture provides societies with a unique identity, creativity, critical thinking, empathy, confidence, risk tolerance and mutual respect.

Culture preserves and provides knowledge, which is essential for the physical and intellectual existence of man. Culture preserves knowledge and helps its transmission from generation to generation. Culture directs and confines the behavior of an individual. In many cases, culture has provided much need employment amidst biting unemployment.

Whereas culture plays such an important role in society, we are witnessing its erosion because our children are frequently exposed to foreign cultures through the internet and television.

In view of the significance of culture and its erosion especially among young children, the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife Clubs of Uganda, in collaboration with Perfect Events is organising a Schools’ Cultural Awareness Quiz Competition during the Uganda International Cultural Tourism Fair to be hosted at the Uganda Museum from 28th to 30th July 2017.

Schools have been invited to each nominate and facilitate a pair of students to compete in the 2017 Cultural Awareness Quiz.

So far a total of 30 schools have registered and confirmed attendance. Participation is free of charge. The Quiz sections will include Food and Drink, Dances and Entertainment, Places/Sites, People, Dress and Events. The winning school in each of the Primary, Secondary and university categories will win a Trophy and gain the bragging rights as Uganda’s most culturally aware school. In addition, the best two students in each category will earn a cash contribution to their schools fees for third term 2017.

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