UBC retires 22 employees in true fashion

UBC retires 22 employees in true fashion

They have not only been the ubiquitous names and faces on television over the past 20-30 years, they have also influenced, mentored and enabled the flourishing of what we call the broadcasting sphere in Uganda today.

Last week, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), Uganda’s national broadcaster retired 22 outstanding and legendary TV and radio presenters, sound engineers and station administrators who were past the age of 60 to a lavish send off at the Mackinnon Suites in Nakasero, Kampala.

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In the presence of board members (Dr. Muhammed Kabba, Mariam Menya, Dr Kaggwa from the revamp committee of Ministry of ICT), MD (Winston Agaba) and numerous employees past and present: the retirees came with spouses and children to the inaugural retiree event that UBC has ever held. The passion to their craft and the joy of its execution was still beaming on their faces as they received their plaques, certificates and kudos all night long.

The MC, Jane Kasumba, who emphatically has dealt with each last one of them kept the flow of proceedings both emotional and entertaining. “It gives me great pride to look across the room and see faces of people that are synonymous with discipline, mastery of poise, dedicating and above all, willingness to improve not only their individual footprint in Broadcasting but also usher in a new era of reporters, presenters and administrators. I am equally pleased to announce that every retiree tonight already has their bank account credited with their gratuity,” Winston Agaba, remarked.

Eng Ian Kyeyune (RDC Wakiso district) representing the board chairman congratulated the retirees for being the beacons of exemplification and discipline to the younger ones and requested that the latter emulate their standard. “These are no doubt the gallant men and women that have made our country what it is today. They have continuously informed, educated and entertained us over the years across politics, music, health and agriculture news and shows. I am particularly delighted and honored to call them my teachers and uncles/aunties.”

Kazinda Esther was among the retirees

Some of the notable retirees included Ismael Kigozi (Swahili anchor), Kazinda Esther (popularly known as Esseza Omutto), Dick Mulima, Iga Bukenya Joseph (receptionist), Omoding Herbert and Mukalazi Kyobe. Also in attendance were some of the advertisers that have been in close company with not only the shows the retirees were presenting but also admirers of the presenters, namely- Crest tanks, Mukwano Industries. The night’s entertainment was befittingly provided by Afrigo band legends Joanita Kawooya, Rachael Magoola alongside Eddie Yawe.

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