Cameroonian singer Stanley Enow talks to Showbiz Uganda about his new song Caramel and working with East African singers

Cameroonian singer Stanley Enow talks to Showbiz Uganda about his new song Caramel and working with East African singers

Stanley Enow is slowly becoming Cameroonian best singing icon and with his music network extending, he will surely rule musically. He recently releases a collabo with Nigerian star Davido. Enow is also planning on extending his music network by working with East African singers. He talked to Showbiz Uganda (SB) about his latest projects.


SB: Tell us who Stanley Enow is?

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Stanley: My real name is Ebai Enow Stanley. I am a graduate in Business Journalism. I am a rapper as well as an independent label co-owner with a passion for perfection.

SB: Tell us about your new song Caramel and why did you decide to collaborate with Nigerian star Davido?

Stanley: Caramel celebrates independent and hard working ladies around the world. These days women are not just life givers. Women are bread winners and a major source of inspiration to the rest of the world. So Davido and I thought it good to celebrate such strong and powerful women musically.

I decided to collaborate with Davido not just for his amazing singing skills and talent but is also a very great guy with a good vibe.

SB: A number of Cameroonian singers are increasingly working with East African singers or trying to do so. What is behind this?

Stanley: Music is all about sharing. Music travels like wild fire. Music unites people as much as sports does. I think both regions see the need to interact with each other more and more then use music a medium of expression.

SB: Have you worked with any East African singers especially in Kenya.

Stanley: I have not had a publicized collabo with an East African artist but I have worked with Eddy Kenzo. I have also had vibe in the studio with Jokate Mwogelo x NahReel

SB: Any plans to work with Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania singers in the near future?

Stanley: I have done some work in the past with Eddy Kenzo. He is such a great singer and I love his vibe. I have also done some with Jokate of Tanzania. The track is yet to see the light and I plan working with Diamond Platinumz as well.

SB: What are your thoughts about the East Africa and West Africa music scene?

Stanley: African Music in general is growing like wild fire contrary to a few years back especially with this whole Afro beats movement. East and West Africa are no exceptions. I believe African Music as a whole will soon take over the world with East and West Africa taking the lead.

SB: What should your fans expect from you in the coming new year? Will you be dropping a new album?

Stanley: There are lots of major surprises. My album will drop early next year spiced up by some Afro flow and some extra wild rap bars.

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