The Lion roars; “Even White people who know me can tell you that I will definitely defeat them in this Economic War“

The Black Wall Street Economic war chief Charles N. Lambert said he is capable of defeating anyone in the regard to his economic war. Posting on his social media, Charles said even the whites themselves they can’t defeat his agenda. Below is his full statement on the matter;

When I was a kid, my father told me the White men were the best thing that happened to us as Africans and that our problems truly began when they left. My father also told me that the only way to develop Africa was to bring the white man back. My father concluded with the famous Igbo saying..” Bekee wu agbara.”(The white man is Spirit).

With the highest level of curiosity in my mind, I went to live in the West for two decades and studied the systems my father so much adored.

In 2002, I asked a simple question to white people. What is Capitalism without Compassion? I found out my thought process on Compassionate Capitalism was intriguing to the White population while I lived in the key countries of the West.

In the UK, a group of White people told me I was the Black Wiston Churchill. In Canada, another group of White people told me I was ” A god amongst men”. In Texas, another group told me to become US citizen and aim to be President. In Atlanta, the PR company representing Billy Graham and TD Jakes offered me international promotion on their own costs. Plus countless others.

I realized that my father was wrong. The white man is not better than me or any other black person. Our individual development of our minds determines superiority.

While I will forever be grateful to the West for confirming the potency of my abilities, I am more excited to dethrone their Economic System which has kept my Continent and my people second class to them with unending poverty.

Even White people who know me can tell you that I will definitely defeat them in this War. Africa First”.

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