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Heard of UPAP Stock from the Black Wall Street?

Denzel Shantel- September 10, 2021

8 Reasons why you should buy your Upap Stock now - September 2021 What is Upap? Upap is shares to the entire business operations of ... Read More

Lockdown bright news as 20 Youth gain millionaire jobs at The Black Wall Street

Denzel Shantel- August 2, 2021

The Black Wall Street ‘Bye Bye’ Unemployment program has finally begun with a bang as 20 young ladies from different parts of the country have ... Read More

BWS House Financial Club members to earn 200% return on Investment in just 90 days

Denzel Shantel- April 7, 2021

Man is a social animal, says Adam Smith, the creator of Capitalism. Your social times are your greatest personal development investment resource, thereby making social ... Read More

Uganda’s Greatness lies in Pan Africanism, Lambert Educates in new video

Denzel Shantel- March 19, 2021

Charles Lambert who is the creator of compassionate capitalism and leader of Africa’s first economic for economic independence war through his Black Wall Street platform ... Read More

Charles Lambert announces Program for Resurrection of Black Wall Street Tour

Denzel Shantel- March 13, 2021

The leader of the Black Wall Street (BWS) and champion for Africa's first economic war, Charles N. Lambert, has revealed that the land for the ... Read More

Uganda, Prepare for an influx of your brothers and sisters from America, Lambert says as he shares historic letter

Denzel Shantel- March 6, 2021

Open letter to African Americans-Take the keys to Africa, your RIGHT. My name is Charles N. Lambert and I am the leader of Africa’s first ... Read More

Dump your friends, focus on the Economic War Lambert tells Youth Executives of the Real People Power Movement

Denzel Shantel- January 9, 2021

The leader of Black Wall Street Economic War, Charles N. Lambert has told the Youth Executives of Real People Power Movement to dump friends and ... Read More

Charles Lambert to prepare One Million Ugandan Youths to physically travel across Africa building M7 Agric Bank

Denzel Shantel- January 8, 2021

The Black Wall Street (BWS) and Africa’s first Economic War leader Charles Lambert is at it again to prepare Africa’s readiness to economic war. Charles ... Read More

Black Wall Street bans Suits and Ties at work places

Denzel Shantel- January 5, 2021

The Black Wall Street (BWS) has placed a permanent ban on use of Western style clothing at it's work places and those of it's affiliated ... Read More

Charles Lambert scoops Africa Union leaders on continent’s free trade

Denzel Shantel- January 2, 2021

The leader of Africa’s First Economic War under Black Wall Street, Charles N. Lambert, has expressed his happiness after scooping African leaders on free trade ... Read More

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