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The Katatumbas beat Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk in Court hands down again

Once again, the Katatumbas have beaten Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk hands down in Court, we can confirm.

After H.E Prof. Boney Katatumba beat Mukesh in High Court on November 3rd 2014, Mukesh Shukla appealed in the Court of Appeal and also applied for a stay of Execution which he was granted.

The Katatumbas in jubilation after defeating Shumuk again

Two weeks ago, Mukesh deviously attempted to confuse a junior Makindye Court to overturn the ruling of a superior high court.

Mukesh went as low as forging a document dated 17th April 2015, where purportedly H.E Prof. Boney Katatumba and his family in the presence of the Chief Justice and his in charge of security gave away the famous Hotel Diplomate.

Shumuk and his people look dejected and defeated at court

The Chief Justice and his in charge of security denied this so-called handover ever happened and so did the Katatumba family, who are taking it a step further by opening a police case of uttering false documents.

On the 17th November 2017, the Chief Magistrate Makindye, His Worship Kakooza saw threw his trickery and threw out (struck out) Shumuk’s case and awarded the Katatumbas costs. Watch the space!

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