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The Global Cultural Event UK set for June

The first ever Global Cultural Event UK is set, we can confirm. The event, first of its kind in the UK will take place on 23rd June 2018.

This event is scheduled for June 23rd 2018, Newham Leisure Centre (Football Pitch) heart of LONDON. Aspects of food, drinks, fashion, crafts, music, performances, Acrobats, Kids Activities among others will be uniquely showcased under a single roof, as a way of making revellers get a rich mix of culture and heritage.

Mary Ingabire

This Global Cultural Event will provide everyone with knowledge of different Cultures. Companies and Organisations will have a unique opportunity to reach an audience of patriotic and highly motivated people from different corners of the continent and beyond.

The Event will be exhibiting the rich Cultural elements of the Ugandan Community in the United Kingdom and these are to be emerged with other Global Cultures from across the World.

A small percentage of the Proceeds from the Gala will be driven towards addressing the alarming Issue of MENTAL HEALTH particularly amongst the African and other ethnicity Minority communities in the United Kingdom.

For further details, contact:

Tel: +447459378001

email: ingabire18@hotmail.com

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