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Ahumuza Brian, the proprietor of Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (ASFA) has applauded the general public for the support they provided to him on Saturday at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall.

Posting on his wall, he said vision has turned into a reality. Below is his long but worth a read post;

Ellah, Bagaaya and Ahumuza Brian at the awards ceremony on Saturday

Ellah, Princess Bagaaya and Ahumuza Brian at the awards ceremony on Saturday

THIS MAYBE THE LONGEST “THANK YOU NOTE” EVER MADE: BUT ITS WORTH THE READ….. when I began the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards franchise 3 years ago, I had vision, a plan to take the fashion industry by storm, and create a lasting brand that would not only impact on me as an individual, but the industry as a whole, in Uganda and across the continent. My vision turned into a reality last Saturday at the biggest and most glamorous gathering in East Africa, at the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2015.

That amazing experience would not have come to pass if it hadn’t been for the great financial and moral support from all our sponsors, colleagues, friends and partners from Uganda and across Africa.

For those individuals that have been fortunate enough to attend two of the past shows, you will agree that this year’s event was a totally different experience, compared to what we have seen before.

I must say the 2015 award edition was not only a great step ahead but probably what I have always envisioned the awards to be; classy, and glamorous. Everything from the red carpet to the production of the show was top notch.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude, and appreciation to our premium sponsor, Vipaj Africa. This very successful event would not have been able to reach the heights that it did, without you on my side.

Your efforts did not go unnoticed, and all I can do is pray that God keeps blessing the works of your hands. Ciroc Uganda, It was a great honor to have worked with such as successful and global brand, and we feel privileged to have had you working alongside my team to have the best show ever.

The entire team at NTV Uganda; Thank you. The live broadcast of the Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards 2015, and all other efforts made towards the smooth progress of the road to the Asfas are greatly appreciated. I would like to send a special thank you note to Ms. Xena Bantariza, of NTV Uganda, for not only believing in me and my vision, but for also making our partnership with the station a steady sailing. May God bless you immensely dear one.

Our other sponsors; Cheki Uganda and Capital FM were also key players in the success of the event, and I would not have been able to enjoy all this aftermath glory without you and your entire teams by my side.

Judith Heard won the award for the most stylish Female Celebrity 2015

Judith Heard won the award for the most stylish Female Celebrity 2015

To my support system; the Abryanz Collection team, you guys are amazing. Having each and every one of you is not only a blessing but a key factor in reaching my goal. You guys rock.

The media fraternity is always a key player in the prosperity of all the Asfa events and this year was not any different. We would like to thank each and every media house, journalist, photojournalist, blogger that provided publicity, and audience for all the pre and post Asfa activities. CNN, CCTV, NTV Uganda, Capital FM, Daily Monitor, New Vision, Urban TV, NBS TV, WBS, Sanyu FM, Chano8 and all the online bloggers that have supported me through the years; I am truly grateful.

I am still awed at how much global buzz this year’s awards created, especially on social media and I would like to send special thank you to all our international guests that took time off their busy schedules to come be with us for the special occasion.

These include our guest star, Banky W and his team plus Swanky Jerry from Nigeria, Sauti Sol from Kenya, Tayo from Nigeria, Idris from Tanzania, Nhlanhla from South Africa, and Luis from Namibia.

The show’s host Vera Sidika from Kenya, Runway model Gloria Baraza from Kenya, Daxx Hans from the South Africa; I am humbled.

To have all these personalities come down to the pearl of Africa, to join in this immense celebration of the fashion and style industry here in Uganda is a dream come true.

It is also an opener for better things to come, in regards to the industry. And what would the Asfas be without the nominees?

The 2015 nominees were huge part of the success attained at this year’s event. Thank you for the support, social media buzz and participation.

And to all our 2015 award winners, congratulations. May this recognition be the beginning of a whole lot of better opportunities to come.

To my dear friend and associate; Steve Jean and your team at Fenon Production, you are awesome.

Thank you for bringing my Asfa2015 vision to life. I have no better words to express my gratitude to you. Like they say, nothing is perfect.

Even with all the preparations and plans that we had made throughout the year, some incidences seemed way out of our control.

So I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to any of my guests, colleagues, and partners that were affected in any way by any of the mishaps that could have come forth during or after the event.

Every one that knows me is aware of the fact that I do appreciate criticism, as this is always a stepping stone to making myself better. However, some media platforms, the online bloggers in particular have taken it upon themselves to drag our efforts down in the mud.

There is too much negativity being thrown around, and this in the long run frustrates our efforts and plans. I believe the right thing to do would be to give credit where it is due, because at the end of the day, we are all aiming for the same goal; to make our lives better. My final call is to all sponsors to come up and begin supporting all projects and causes in the fashion industry.

Unlike what was the norm ten years ago, the fashion and style industry is booming. And I am proud to say that our future is bright and promising.

Public and private entities need to know that there is an immense value derived from supporting such causes. Every individual in this industry, from the designers to the makeup artistes need to participate and be fully engaged in taking our industry forward.

This is not a one man’s battle. We can achieve great success, if we work together and also support one another.

Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing you all on the 9th December, 2016 at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Together, Tunawakilisha.

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