Tecno & Airtel Uganda launch Phantom X2 Series Smartphone

Tecno & Airtel Uganda launch Phantom X2 Series Smartphone

FREE 5GB Airtel data every month for Three Months

Kampala; TECNO’s premium sub-brand, PHANTOM, today launched its new flagship smartphone PHANTOM X2 Series. It is the world’s first smartphone to feature a retractable portrait lens comparable to a professional camera designed to capture our most cherished moments.

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The PHANTOM X2 Series comprises PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G and PHANTOM X2 5G, which marks the brand’s bold entrance into the high-end global smartphone market with a host of groundbreaking features and outstanding performance.

With a 65mm focal length, 2.5x optical zoom retractable portrait lens, the PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G revolutionizes image-making in the smartphone industry. The innovative lens empowers users to capture portraits comparable to professional camera shots with just a pocket-sized device. Available in an Eco-Friendly Edition featuring a pioneering microfiber back cover made from recycled plastics, the X2 Pro 5G also raises the bar for sustainable design in the industry.

A milestone in the brand’s premium product offering, both the PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G and the PHANTOM X2 5G are powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 4nm 5G chip. The series also features a unique unibody double-curved build and a 3.5D lunar crater design in three mysterious, space-inspired colors, resulting in an eye-catching look and a comfortable feel.

Speaking at the official launch of the PHANTOM X2 Series in Kampala, Mr. Timmy Shen, Brand Manager of TECNO said: “TECNO has always been pushing to uncover the latest and best premium technologies. As PHANTOM’s new flagship smartphone, the PHANTOM X2 Series brings the PHANTOM brand to the high-end market with a pioneering spirit of innovation, inside and out. It also reflects the brand’s solicitude for environmental issues with the eco-friendly edition’s recycled back cover. Following the successes of the original PHANTOM X smartphone, the PHANTOM X2 Series takes premium experience to even greater heights.”

The PHANTOM X2 series comes with a Special partnership with Airtel Uganda to benefit our customers. All customers of PHANTOM X2 series will enjoy FREE 5GB Airtel data every month for 3 months, and 100% data bonus on all bundles loaded.

Ms. Joweria Nabakka- Head of Data At Airtel Uganda

Speaking on behalf of Airtel Uganda, the Head of Data Ms. Joweria Nabakka said “It gives us great pleasure to partner with TECHNO to launch the PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G and PHANTOM X2 5G. It is a quick tool that professionals and businesspeople will love to use on the go to capture good quality pictures for their businesses and lifestyles. Customers who will purchase a Phantom X2 phone and use the Airtel SIM card in SIM slot 1, will receive 5GB data every month for 3 months.”

Partnerships like these increase the uptake and use of Smartphones and access to internet-based solutions. According to a 2022 Quarter 2 Uganda Communications Commission market performance report, on a year-on-year comparison, active smartphone usage has grown to 10.9 million gadgets as of June 2022. This represents 30% of the 36.1 million devices connected to the network in Uganda. This is clear growth from 10.1 million devices connected as at end of 2021.

With this growth, smartphones are playing an instrumental role in enabling faster and easier adoption and usage of ICTs in the transformative sectors such as education, health, trade, energy, finance, and agriculture. “The features on the Phantom X2 phones coupled with free Airtel data will make work and access to internet-based tools a great experience.” Concluded M/s Nabakka.

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