Summary of some of the work done in  the two years and six months in parliament by Mwine Mpaka

Summary of some of the work done in the two years and six months in parliament by Mwine Mpaka

The Western Uganda Youth MP Hon. Mwine Mpaka is surely doing well in Parliament. In a space of two years, he has done quite well.  The following are some of the works he has done in two years and six months.
He worked on Youth development bank bill,
Motion to stop landlords from charging rent in dollars
-motion to ban pyramid and Ponzi schemes
-graduate scheme bill
-championed and  ensured compensation of sacked Nira employees
He was on select committee of 9 MPs to investigate sexual violence in schools
Mpaka was also chairperson Uganda parliamentary forum on youth affairs
He investigated and caused the proper
implementation, distribution of the presidential pledge of 16 heifers to youth per district in western, central, East and northern regions.
He challenged student loan scheme to incorporate arts and not entirely sciences only
He was a representative of Ugandan youth at world bank parliamentary forum in Washington, US.
He hosted commonwealth youth ministers meetings under Uganda parliamentary forum at Speke Resort Munyonyo.
He was not in agreement with mobile money tax and voted against it
He was a member of international young leaders assembly in New York representing Uganda
He represented Uganda and parliament twice at the  African, Caribbean and Pacific states ( is a group of countries in Africa whose main objectives are sustainable development and poverty reduction within its member states, as well as their greater integration into the world’s economy. All of the member states, except Cuba, are signatories to the Cotonou Agreement with the European Union.
He led members of parliament of the Uganda parliamentary forum on youth affairs to investigate and close labour export companies that were operating without licenses eg Dubai explorer company limited.
Under Gender committee of parliament, he advocated for quick processing of minimum wage bill which was moved in 9th parliament
Mpaka also Initiated first ever youth business forum Serena Kampala (every year in November)where youth meet to share and discuss issues concerning cheap and affordable financing
He Tasked Ministry of Trade to ban sale of sachet waragi and to stop factories like Coca-Cola from importing fruit concentrates and instead buy our fruits
He Tasked ministry of ICT to put tougher measures on SIM card swap and cyber crime
He also tasked ministry of Internal  Affairs to bring an action plan to curb girl child prostitution in western Uganda
He was a member gender committee of Uganda’s parliament, member East African appointments committee of Uganda’s parliament, member ICT committee and member equal opportunities committee
He is currently member on Committee on trade and  cosase
He has promoted sports in western Uganda
(Club president and chair of Mbarara City FC)
By the way, western Uganda had spent 11 years without a club in the Ugandan premier league  but that came to an end when Mbarara City FC was established and promoted from regional league to Div 2 and now Div 1.
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