StarTimes new online shopping APP ‘StarTimes GO’ taking over

TOP e-shopping integrated platform serving across Africa

Digital television providers StarTimes recently launched a new e-shopping platform called ‘StarTimes GO’ to provide comprehensive no-touch shopping experience to the public. A customer can enjoy shopping without physically going to a store.

As an integrated platform, StarTimes GO is featuring the TOP e-shopping service available based on various media.

TOP e-shopping service is an acronym for the main shopping methods available on StarTimes GO: TV shopping, Online Shopping and Phone-call shopping (TOP).
There is a TV programme about the StarTimes Go shopping service airing daily on Sanyuka TV, Face TV, and Magic 1 HD. The TV hosts present selected equipment such as TV sets, solar power systems and decoders.

More products in other categories will be introduced later. The feature and function guide of each product is well presented by the hosts, so the audience can get sufficient and effective information in a short time. The TV programme is more like a reachable shopping assistant who helps everyone to get the exact product he or she wants. If one decides to purchase the product, one can directly tell the service staff on the hotline, and the call agent will tell you the available payment methods and how to conduct some certain online security payment.

Online shopping experience can be accessible on StarTimes ON (the OTT platform) and official Facebook page of StarTimes. For the display of products and order making, the user of StarTimes ON can find the access to StarTimes GO on the mini-banner of landing page or the personal account page. The other convenient way is to visit the official Facebook page of StarTimes, on which the recent available special offers are presented; meanwhile, any relevant questions can be answered in time once a comment is left under the post. An interested customer can also go to the web page.

Phone-call shopping service is mainly supported by the Call Centre of StarTimes so you can make your order by calling 0317117777. The operator on the phone is able to further explain the details of delivery and installation. The delivery team will contact you and agree on the convenient time and right place to deliver, and adjust the schedule according to your order on call. For specific requirement of installation, a call in advance may have the team fully prepared with the proper equipment.

With the TOP service offered, StarTimes GO e-shopping platform is now able to serve more people across Africa.

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