StarQt awards boss mourns her son

StarQt awards boss mourns her son

Fashionista and model Stella Nankya aka Stella Starqt, the proprietor of Starqt Awards in South Africa can’t hold her tears after losing her last born, Trillion Semakula. He fell and hit his head on the ground and he was rushed to hospital where he died hours later.

RIP: Trillion Ssemakula

Grieving Stella is lost for words since the incident last week.

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“Life becomes pale, loses meaning every fading minute.  Without my son Trillion,” She said as she shed endless tears.

Remembering her son, Stella said she can’t get him out of he mind. A very young innocent soul dying unceremoniously is just terrible news.

As a result of her kid’s death, Stella hasn’t come to terms with his death.

“I pray God recieves you with open arms baby. rest happily in eternal peace. I love you so much and forever you will live in my heart,” Stella wrote.
May his soul rest well with angles in heaven!!

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