Rushere District Leaders in Drive to Rid District of Plastic

Rushere District Leaders in Drive to Rid District of Plastic

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in Uganda (CCBA) joined the Health and Environmental Department of Rushere Town to conduct a cleanup activity ridding the town of plastic and garbage as a result of poor waste management.

Due to urbanization, many people have flocked urban centers hence increasing the amount of waste that is being generated.

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Different waste is generated from different sources which include; Street waste, Domestic waste, Commercial waste, medical waste, Agricultural waste and Dead animals.

Speaking during the engagement, the Town Clerk, Asiimwe Norman, applauded Coca-Cola for the support towards making the activity successful and their commitment to the community they operate in.

“We need to keep our city clean; we cannot do that alone and that’s why we need a concerted effort of all stakeholders to educate the masses on proper waste management. We applaud Coca-Cola, for always engaging in community activities that seek to benefit everyone,” he applauded.

The Mayor, King Martin Kyanyawanga urged everyone to always involve themselves in such activities for their own benefit towards clean environment.

“There is need to continuously protect our Environment as there is too much pressure due to the increasing waste and poor disposal in our community. It does not only affect the environment but also affects community standard of living,” he urged.

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa General Manager, Melkamu Abebe, committed to keep growing partnerships in Uganda to address poor disposal of plastic waste, and to support collection and recycling.

“We have invested heavily in collection and recycling for many years now, and we will continue working with more and more partners out there so that all Ugandans and companies do the right things for the environment. We need to work together to sensitize the communities and to set up appropriate systems to collect plastic waste so that companies like Plastic Recycling Industries (PRI) can recycle it into useful products,” he said.

“As the Coca-Cola system worldwide we will continue with our initiative to create a ‘World without Waste’, working to recycle 100% equivalent of what we produce by 2030 wherever we operate. We have taken that responsibility and thank the leadership of Rushere Town and both Kiruhura and Mbarara districts, for partnering with us, as well as partners like the Koyinawo Waste Initiative,” he added.

Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) Coordinator at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in Uganda, Ordrew Baraka Byamukama appreciated the town council team for that activity of cleaning up the town.

He requested the officials to join hands in ensuring plastics are separated from the other biodegradable waste so that they can be managed well and recycled.

“If we work together, we shall then have a good environment. Everyone has a role to play towards a safe environment. Its important that waste is separated for easy management. Working with Koyinawo waste management services, a Plastic Recycling Agent, all plastic will be taken for processing at our factory. We are also setting up a collection center in Rushere to manage all plastic waste,” he concluded.

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