Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) Hosts Highly Successful Annual National PR Symposium, Attracting Over 300 Attendees

Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) Hosts Highly Successful Annual National PR Symposium, Attracting Over 300 Attendees

Kampala: The Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) successfully hosted the much-anticipated Annual National PR Symposium at Hotel African, bringing together over 300 professionals from various sectors, including marketing, PR, journalism, academia, and CEOs.

Under the theme, “Role of Public Relations in Driving Organization’s Performance,” the Symposium featured a diverse lineup of interactive sessions that provided valuable insights from leading PR professionals. Topics covered included the Role of PR in driving organization’s performance from a CEO’s perspective, Crisis Management Strategy: The Winning Formula, PR Strategy and Planning: Creating a Winning Strategy, and Measurement of PR and Marketing Campaigns in the Era of Big Data.

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The event welcomed esteemed guests, including Her Excellency Kat Airey OBE, the British High Commissioner to Uganda, and Mathias Katamba, Board Chairperson of UAP Old Mutual and Jennifer Bamuturaki, Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Airlines among others.

Speaking at the symposium, the state minister for ICT, Hon. Kabyanga Godfrey, emphasized the importance of communication and professionalism in the PR industry.

He commended the efforts of PR professionals in managing communication across various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), underscoring the government’s commitment to supporting the PR and Communication sectors in Uganda.

“As you may be aware, currently, all MDAs have professional PR professionals managing communication. This is evidence enough that Government is committed to supporting this Public Relations and Communication sectors in Uganda. Government is doing all this because we cherish the value of communication in running the affairs of society and the value of communication in supporting service-delivery-related programs, he said.

Furthermore, Hon. Kabyanga Godfrey announced that Uganda will host a regional Public Relations Conference in November, to be held in Jinja City. This conference aims to enhance Uganda’s image in the region and beyond, showcasing the country’s potential in trade, tourism, and other aspects. The government assured its full support for this significant event, encouraging PR practitioners to participate in large numbers.

In her opening remarks, Tina Wamala, President of PRAU, emphasized the importance of staying alert and seeking new knowledge in the dynamic and ever-changing communication world. She highlighted the symposium’s role in promoting professional growth and excellence among PR practitioners in Uganda.

The Annual National PR Symposium has undoubtedly served as a platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and fostering collaboration among industry experts. PRAU remains committed to advancing the public relations profession in Uganda, driving organizational success, and enhancing the country’s reputation on the regional and global stage.

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