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Pictorial: Who posted what on social media today

Everyday our eyes get excited over dazzling pictures posted on social media. Here are some today’s pictures;

Sheilat Mulungi
Popularly known as Quin Ov Hearts, this stunning socialite knows how to dazzle in front of a camera. Today she unleashed her poses and she looked amazing.

Juliet Zawedde
Entrepreneur and philanthropist today decided to slay with her family. They looked nice together.

Etania Mutoni
She continues to show what televisions have been missing, she is a rockie!!!

Nelly Kamwelu
The Tanzanian model and actress is one beautiful lady who knows how to spice up her Instagram with stunning photos. She knows how to slay to keep up with trends in showbiz. The beauty queen is rolling!!

Nana Weber
She is the craziest, funniest and most entertaining socialite slay queen on Social media. Today she was it again!!!

Actress Farshee Kuteesa is truly enjoying in the states. Always slaying in Hollywood and other posh American beaches.

Zari Hassan
Once a queen always a queen. When it comes to slaying, you can’t doubt her.

Winnie Nwagi
This crazy diva knows how to spice up and entertain her fans through both music and pictures.

Bridget Namanya
The new commercial model on the block is surely rocking Instagram with stunning images. She rocks in bikini and long dresses and today was one of them.

Judith Heard
When we thought she had retired we were wrong and she is truly still a force to reckon with.

Katsha De’bank
Businessman and philanthropist knows how to slay and is surely our king slayer this week.

Lydia Jazmine
Queen diva is surely treating us very well. These days she dazzles and rocks in every pose.

Lynda Ddane
This TV personality is surely becoming a big queen of slaying. She is rocking in all corners!!!

Alicia Bosschic
She is a sweetheart of slaying. When you check her social media platforms, she surely enjoyed lockdown.

MC Kats
He calls himself king of showbiz and today slayed by showing off his kids on Father’s Day.

Victoria Kimani
Kenyan diva is not disappointing us at all. She is truly rocking us.

Gloria Lindwa
She is back and slaying is not a problem to her. She sizzles!!

Mrs Bainomugisha
She  is surely a queen of rocking and being part of Traveling Girlfriends Group   , it’s no doubt she rocks.


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