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Katsha receives mixed reaction on ‘Would you rather have a nicest house or car’ question

Denzel Shantel- December 30, 2022

South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman Katsha D'ebank has received mixed reaction in his posed question on social media. Posting on his wall, Katsha asked Would ... Read More

Katsha speaks out on being strong

Denzel Shantel- October 11, 2022

Katsha Group chief Katsha De'bank has said struggling will make you stronger. Posting on her social media platforms, Katsha advised his followers not to give ... Read More

‘Stop worrying about what other people think’- Katsha 

Denzel Shantel- April 12, 2022

Katsha Group entrepreneur boss Katsha D'ebank has advised people to stop worrying about what other people think about you. Posting on his Social Media, the ... Read More

‘Don’t wait to start, get up now and roll on’- Katsha De’bank 

Denzel Shantel- March 9, 2022

Socialite and entrepreneur Katsha De'bank has some words of encouragement for starters. Sharing them on his social media platforms, the Katsha Group CEO said living ... Read More

Katsha De’bank to give out Christmas monies 

Denzel Shantel- December 23, 2021

Katsha Group Chief Katsha De'bank will this Friday share Christmas goods in form of Mobile Money this Friday. Through his Facebook page, he will go ... Read More

Katsha De’bank leads COVID-19 fight as Omicron rocks South Africa

Denzel Shantel- December 5, 2021

Katsha Group Chief Executive Officer Katsha De'bank has called on people to mask up as a way of preventing themselves from the deadly COVID-19. He ... Read More

Mafia 1 Tornado to fire up Eleven 45 Lounge with Batidde concert 

Denzel Shantel- November 27, 2021

All is set for this Saturday's Batidde concert at Eleven 45 Lounge in Randburg South Africa. Mafia 1 Tornado aka Hassan Lode ( Dream Music), ... Read More

Katsha Group will not demand for vaccination cards from Employees

Denzel Shantel- November 23, 2021

Katsha Group chief Katsha De'bank has said his company will not demand for vaccination cards from employees although many companies are doing so.  As the ... Read More

TMT President Katsha set to grace Batidde launch

Denzel Shantel- November 22, 2021

The Money Team (TMT) Africa President Katsha De'bank has promised cause dollar flooding at Batidde launch of Mafia 1 Tornado.  While posting his wall, Hassan ... Read More

Katsha De’bank consoles gossip guru Kayz

Denzel Shantel- October 31, 2021

Philothropist Katsha De'bank has consoled fresh from prison Uncut presenter Isaac Kayz Kawalya. Kayz who co-presents the program on NBS television was recently released from ... Read More